Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Cover for Supernaturally Revealed

I'm exploding with squeals and giggles and everything above that would qualify as an extreme euphoric state. As I was updating my GoodReads this evening, I noticed that there was a cover for Supernaturally by Kiersten White. I almost died--literally--when I saw it. My heart almost stopped. Actually, it started racing so fast that I thought I was going to explode or implode, whichever came first. Luckily I didn't. Phew, that would have been terrible. I wouldn't have been able to read Supernaturally or the third book in the series.

I clap with ecstatic joy for Kiersten getting another BEAUTIFUL cover. Congratulations. Supernaturally will be released on August 30, 2011. I wait with great anticipation to read it in like a bleeping day. If you haven't read Paranormalcy, the first book in the trilogy, you must. Do it now or I will be extremely mad at you. Ok, I won't, but I was really tempted to be in such a state of anger toward you. Tehehe. Anyway, with all this excitement, I am going to step away from the computer and cool down.

Before I go, though, I will be announcing a contest on my blog tomorrow morning. You could be the proud winner of something to add more books to your bookshelf. More details to come tomorrow! 

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  1. Yes, this is an awesome cover! I'm so jealous lol but Kristen is super cool, she deserves the best =)