Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Winner is . . .

First, I must congratulate Colin Firth for winning the Best Actor Award last night. I am really happy for him. He is such a great actor. Oh, and of course I must say that he makes a gorgeous Mr. Darcy. *swoon*
Now down to business. Last week I held a contest on my blog. I asked for people to send me a photograph of their bookshelf. I want to thank everyone who entered. It was way fun to get to know you and your bookshelves! I am happy to announce the winner.

And the winner of a $20 gift card is:

*Drum Roll*

Kristin Thetford -

She used every method stated in the rules to promote the contest. Way to go girl! Her bookshelf is well organized (way better than mine). I love the curvature of the design at the top. It shines out as a nice place to house her many books. Congratulations! I will email you with the details of getting your prize.

I would like to give props to Trisha Wolfe - for sending me a photo of her aesthetically pleasing bookshelf. Hers is the bookshelf I liked the most. I love how the writing station is situated at the center of her book collection. That would totally be an inspiring place to write. I have got to buy one like it soon.
Thanks everyone! Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Thank you so much for the contest, Julia! You are completely awesome!!

    I love Trisha's shelf too. Great design and great workspace! :)

  2. These are both gorgeous! I'm jealous, haha.