Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Author Book Signing: Ally Carter

With great joy, I met Ally Carter yesterday at a book signing. She is a delight, so funny, and quite engaging. I think I was the oldest person there. haha
For those whom don't know who Ms. Carter is, you definitely should. She wrote some amazing series, including GALLAGHER GIRLS, HEIST SOCIETY, EMBASY ROW, and CHEATING AT SOLITAIR.
All of these series are MUST reads!
The lovely Ally signed all of her books that I own. I said she didn't have to because of the long line and her poor hand, but she still did. What a wonderful gal!
Tidbits I learned from her talk:
1. For aspiring writers, just write and don't worry about being published so much. Just enjoy the experience.
2. The first draft is, as she put it, "dirty water." Don't dwell on what you've written. You need to get it all on paper or computer, then you can worry about clearing up the "dirty water." That's what editing and revising are meant for.
3. She mentioned that for a good while, when she first starting writing and eventually when she was traditionally published, she had a day job. Ultimately, she quit her job and focused solely on her writing (she could support herself by then). I asked her "how she did both the day job and writing?" (I have a stressful day job and would rather chill when I get home). She didn't necessarily give me any pointers, but I did pull from her answer that I don't have a publisher giving me deadlines and that makes it easier, so feel blessed to not have that added pressure with juggling a day job and writing. Phew! That makes me feel better.
Anyway, I thought these would be of use to my writing friends out there! What is some advice you've been given from writers when you've been at book signings or other events?
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2015! & Happy 2016!

Bon voyage to 2015. Welcome 2016! This is our year! All of our year!

2015 was a fun year for the Jules. A lot happened and I'm happy to share a bit of my year.
  • Became an adult, officially. Ditched my twin bed for a queen-sized bed fit for a King.
  • Attended Comic Con for the first time & saw Matt Smith there (Doctor Who). Smitten.
  • Celebrated my 33rd birthday.
  • Saw U2 in concert for the 5th time. I love those boys.
  • Did a bit of hiking in the Utah mountains at the beginning of the summer.
  • Colored my hair very blonde. Loved it!
  • Traveled Down Under to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. On a broken foot, to boot. No pun intended, as I was wearing a boot cast. Nothing holds me back. Although, it probably should have. Loved loved loved the trip!
  • Broken foot is healing, hopefully will be 100% better one of these days.
  • Read 47 books. The goal was 50, but I came in pretty darn close.
  • Trying my hand at painting. I'm somewhat good. Read "somewhat" very loosely.
  • Toyed around with some writing ideas.
  • Spent good times with family and friends.
How about you?
2016 is going to be a year of joy! I'm certain of it. Not sure if I will be adventuring unless if someone wants to pay for me to go to Africa with them... Maybe Morocco? Any takers? :)
I plan to get back to my writing roots, hone in my painting skills, and reading 50 books. I would definitely like to start dating someone whom I will eventually marry. If you know any LDS great guys, let me know. :)
Well, happy to be blogging again. Not sure if I will consistently blog, but Id' like to say hello and hope you have a delightful new year!
Hugs all the way from Bag End...
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