Thursday, February 4, 2016

Author Book Signing: Marissa Meyer

Another author book signing under my belt; however, this wasn't the first time I've met Marissa Meyer, but she wowed me but once again at her STARS ABOVE book tour event in Salt Lake City. She's the amazing author of the LUNAR CHRONICLES series. Must read books!
Some things I learned from Ms. Meyer:
To stay motivated while writing or rather to "trick your mind to write" she mentioned...
 - Set small goals so it doesn't feel like such a huge project, even if it is just one sentence a day.
 - Bribe yourself for productivity
 - Write in a different environment. ie: enjoy writing by candle light
Something remarkable Marissa shared with us: she started crafting stories as a little girl. She vocalized the stories and her mom wrote them down.
I love author signings and reading and books. And I love Marissa Meyer's books. She's one of my favorite authors to date!
Have you had to chance to meet one of your favorite authors? What's some advice they gave for writers?
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