Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Back in Style

Well, hello there, dear friends and followers! I'm back with a new look for Writing Jewels--my little bloggy friend. Isn't she sooo perty! I think so. As I was pondering making my way back into blogosphere-land, I knew I had to have a new look, a fresh start to my writing/blogging adventure.

Here I am back in the saddle again, or rather back typing out my thoughts and hoping they reach eyes that need to read them. And get lots o' comments. *hint hint nudge nudge*

To be completely honest, and I know this sounds totally melodramatic, I'm deathly afraid of blogging again, but my heart tells me it's time to kick my butt (which is rather tough to do) in gear and join social networking again. Suffice it to say, I needed a break. It was imperative for me to walk away, rest, and re-evaluate my desires and goals. Frankly, I still want to walk away. My body and mind ache for rest (yet, it always does). And the re-evaluation of my desires and goals is still being mulled over.

All I know is I have, have, have (times a trillion) to be published. I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't do everything in my power to attain such a brilliant, shiny but rather lofty goal.

I echo the words of author Joe Konrath: "There's a word for a writer who never gives up: published."

Julia King will not give up! Yes, third person. Does that mean I'm one nut short of a fruitcake? Don't answer that, please. :)

And I hope you don't, either. Give up, I mean.

This journey sometimes brings me down to the depths of a crispy hell. Yet, it often times raises me to the gorgeous climbs of heaven, pearl studded and wrapped in giddy glory of joy!

Strap in; this is roller coaster land, baby!

So, I'm back, y'all. I hope to see you around and that you'll join forces with me in this journey to become a published author.

Writing Jewels