Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Angels Night Out: Becca Fitzpatrick et al... And Happy Halloween

First of all... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Did I scare ya? Obviously. *grins*

Anyway, last week I had the amazing opportunity to meet Becca Fitzpatrick, author of the HUSH HUSH saga. The release party (called "Angels Night Out") for the last book in the series, FINALE, took place that night at the Provo Utah Library (where Fitzpatrick envisioned some of the scenes in the first book). What the perfect setting for the event, eh? Well, the party was sort of this cocktail-esque-with-hot-guys-strutting-around-the-ballroom-in-tight-jeans-and-t-shirts-while-serving-drinks-and-hor-dourves type of an unforgettable gala. And did I mention there was nummy-to-my-tummy cupcakes? Oh, nope, you're still swooning over the gorgeous hot guys, aren't you? Admit it!

The cool thing about the party was dressing up. On the ticket it said,

"Patrons are encouraged to wear angels wings and dress in red, black, or white."

Oh, I wore each one of the colors and wings to boot. Aren't I to die for? Well, the cool person is right next to me: Becca Fitzpatrick. So cool!

Well, not only was Becca and I to die for... BUT... the model (Drew Doyon) who posed as HUSH HUSH's character Patch on the book covers attended the event as well. Now how is that for way-beyond-the-universe cool? Well, it was awesome! And I've got the picture to prove it.

Three other amazing authors were in attendance, too: Kresley Cole, Tonya Hurley, and Elizabeth Miles. They were a delight to talk with and gave me some killer good advice (more to come on next week's Insecure Writer's Support Group post).

Have you ever been to a book release party? Have you met some really awesome authors? Who? Let's share and gloat for a bit. haha

    Writing. Jewels.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never... Posting, Finally

Hi friends!

I haven't had any real time to prepare a post for today, as I always post on Wednesdays. Ugh! I moved last weekend and have been getting a new job under my belt (of which is going splendidly). *grins*

Well, as I said, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I never thought I would live in this neck of the woods, but alas, I am here. Very exciting, indeed. And I am through with a long commute to work, now. Yes! No more griping Julia at the wheel. *grumble grumble* Not a good combination, especially if I'm tired and heaven forbid hungry. Plus, I will be saving a bunch of money from the gas tank.

Here are some pics of the move:

 My crap made it upstairs at my old pad...
After... at my new place... My poor books haven't found a home yet. :(

Anyway, this is the third, count it, the third time I've moved in 10 months. Crazy-town for sure. Thus be the transiant life. I'd love to settle down into a permanant dwelling. Perhaps, I will do that sometime soon.

Anyway, what is the most times you've moved in a short period of time? Do you like moving? Detest it? Do you use movers or family/friend muscle (and your own too)?

Thanks for stopping by, folks! Have a great week until I see you again. Ciao!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wanna Laugh?

A couple days ago, I was shopping at Target and overheard a conversation between a mother and her son. This is how is went:

Boy: I need these underwear.

Mother: No you don't.

Boy: But I need them!

Mother: You've got plenty at home.

Boy: But what if I run out?

I had to bite my tongue not to laugh in front of them. Aren't kids supposed to be begging for candy or toys? Needless to say, it was hilarious enough to me that I wanted to share it with you.

That got me thinking about a cute thing that happened this week. My sister-in-law brought up something adorable and super sweet that my niece did the other day. So, my nephews were complaining about the dinner she made (kids, kids, kids *shakes head*) With her beautiful small voice, her two-year-old daughter said, "Thanks for making my dinner, Mommy." What a sweetheart, huh? And she's my lovable niece.

Anyway, what are some cute or funny things you've seen or heard about the last while? Or have you written something funny lately that has made you laugh to the point of tears? Oh, golly, that has happened to me tons of times.

    Writing. Jewels.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Do Your Characters Feel?

So, how do your characters feel?

I've thought long and hard about how my characters would react in certain situations. How they would pull through a difficult time? How they would feel when happy, sad, excited, etc... Like how they would feel deep down inside of them, going beyond the surface one word adjective.

The thing is, as a writer, I have to show these things, not just tell them. How do I show? Well, I have drawn on personal experiences. I have stood in front of a mirror to figure out exactly how my characters face would look like during a scene. I have made myself feel giddy, melancholy, scared, elated. Yes, I may be considered a masochist by forcing myself to feel terrified just to write a scene. But it is worth it when I can lean back, sigh, and realize how awesome a scene turned out.

More often than not, I think of times in my life where I've felt exactly how my character is feeling. I may even write a scene as I experienced it.

For example: Whenever one of my old boyfriends (oh, how I adored him), would touch me, I felt electricity flood through my body. It was like hot, little prickles of pure joy spreading from my skin down into my nerves, muscles, bones until the feeling burrowed itself into my soul. Yes, I have used that sensation a few times in my books. Suffice it to say, the feeling was to die for. Sigh!

Or for instance, I've got some serious back and neck pain right now. I could draw from that to show one of my characters feeling bodily pain. PS: I'm really not looking for sympathy by having said that. However, my poor neck and back inspired this blog post, so yippee.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is this: Draw on your own life experiences to show how your characters feel. Perhaps, you can ask other people how they'd feel in a given situation. The options are there. It's just a matter of putting those feelings or emotions on paper (or laptop, if you're me).

How do you express how your character is feeling? Do you draw on your own life experiences? Do you ask others how they would feel? Do you close your eyes and take in the essence of the scene until the words flow through your fingertips? (Yes, I have done that countless times--pure magic, I say)

    Writing. Jewels.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Month of October Goals

Wow! Has September already come and gone? How is that possible? It just barely started. And that means that October is here and I have to report on my goals from last month. I felt far better last month than I did during the summer. What a relief!

Anyway, here's how my September goals panned out:
  • Finish beta'ing my sister-in-laws book CHECK and by golly it's a great book. Be ready to read stuff by Robin LuBean King, kids
  • Read Insurgent  by Veronica Roth SUPER CHECK and wow, what a great book! It's official, I'm back into reading.
  • Keep pluggin along with my new project, SPHERICAL (a dystopian novel) CHECK. I didn't do much but it's coming along
  • Edit one of my own works No check, I am waiting to get my second book BOUND back from a CP
  • Be social CHECK. I even went on two dates with the same guy. No interest there, though. And I spent time with friends, so that's great
  • Go camping with my sister CHECK Refer to the blog post I wrote about the camping trip
So, here's looking October straight in the eyes. But I have to tell you that I started a new job. Today is my fifth day on the job. I will be learning this job, so I might be overwhelmed with it all. I hope my goals won't stress me out more. Anyway, here are my goals:
  • Finish listening to DIE FOR ME by Amy Plum (audio books are awesome)
  • I'm going to save writing more of SPHERICAL for NaNoWriMo, especially with all I'm going to be doing this month
  • If I have time, I'll edit some or all of another project
  • Start my new job, love it, and learn it fast
  • Find a new place to live in Salt Lake City before I'm driven mad by the long commute
  • Enjoy my half birthday tomorrow, October 6, 2012. Yes, I celebrate my half birthdays. What can I say? I love birthdays!
  • Recuperate from spraining my ankle. Silly me
What are your goals for this month? Have you read any good books lately? And how is life treating you?


    Writing. Jewels.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group: 5th Edition

A couple weeks ago, I saw Orson Scott Card author of ENDER'S GAME speak. He brought up something that I'd like to share on this Insecure Writer's Support Group Wednesday. Granted, he was focusing his talk on education, but I think it will relate to writing, too.

He talked about credibility--the credibility that comes from gaining a university degree. After four years (or more, if you were me) you obtain a degree. A lot of work is put into schooling. I know far too well. I spent many hours sitting in the math lab. Lots of hours writing papers. And tons of hours sitting in classrooms. But I did it! Now I've got a piece of paper that says I have a Bachelor in Anthropology degree.

Well, how does this relate to writing? As writers, we want that credibility that comes from having one of our books or all of them published. But is that really where credibility comes from? Ok, yes it is...sort of. But, it doesn't have to be.

We are credible because we write! Just deciding to scribble down a story and finishing chapter after chapter is credible. Just because you're not published doesn't mean that you aren't an author.

Yet, obtaining publish-dom is a fantastic goal to keep you typing out words. Having a book on the shelves at the local bookstore or online definitely will make you jump up and down, giggling up a storm (ok, that's what I will do). By all means, don't let not getting that big six figure book deal keep you from thinking you are a credible.

Just keep going. Keep writing. And be happy along the way. You are writer and that makes you AMAZING! An inCREDIBLY amazing person.

PS: Orson Scott Card also said that it doesn't matter where you get your education, be it Harvard or a community college or through reading books or community classes. It's the fact that you have learned something that matters.

The fact that you write is all that matters! And by golly, I've learned so much more about writing by writing a book than I EVER did during my college degree. This time could very well count as a masters program. :D

I hope this has made sense. Perhaps, I've just been blabbing.

Anyway --> *hugs* Especially if you are struggling right now with your writing. :)

    Writing. Jewels.