Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never... Posting, Finally

Hi friends!

I haven't had any real time to prepare a post for today, as I always post on Wednesdays. Ugh! I moved last weekend and have been getting a new job under my belt (of which is going splendidly). *grins*

Well, as I said, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I never thought I would live in this neck of the woods, but alas, I am here. Very exciting, indeed. And I am through with a long commute to work, now. Yes! No more griping Julia at the wheel. *grumble grumble* Not a good combination, especially if I'm tired and heaven forbid hungry. Plus, I will be saving a bunch of money from the gas tank.

Here are some pics of the move:

 My crap made it upstairs at my old pad...
After... at my new place... My poor books haven't found a home yet. :(

Anyway, this is the third, count it, the third time I've moved in 10 months. Crazy-town for sure. Thus be the transiant life. I'd love to settle down into a permanant dwelling. Perhaps, I will do that sometime soon.

Anyway, what is the most times you've moved in a short period of time? Do you like moving? Detest it? Do you use movers or family/friend muscle (and your own too)?

Thanks for stopping by, folks! Have a great week until I see you again. Ciao!

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  1. I hate moving and did so recently. But the most I've moved in one year was 6 times. Hated it :-D

  2. I'm usually only once a year if I'm moving. (Different apartments every year in college. Plus bad roommates so I moved a couple weeks into my first semesters of undergrad and grad school.) Someday, I'll be able to hire movers but for now it's my own muscle when moving. (Mostly. Sometimes I do need help.) Though when I moved to and from Denver, we hired people to unload (moving to) and load (moving from) the uhaul trailer. On the other end, it was all me, though.

  3. I have moved so many times by choice I probably have left a suspicious trail. lol I have been to Utah but haven't had occasion to live there. I have often heard it is controlled by a certain majority, thus I've also no plans to move there. I value my freedom, independence, and the whims I get when I feel like moving to another city or another country.

    Cheers and much success in your new endeavor.

  4. I'm glad you're getting settled in! :)

  5. Congrats on the move. Other than moving around a bit in college I haven't moved much. If we had to move now with two kids and a houseful of their junk we'd definitely hire someone. Of course the only reason we would be moving is a new job and they would have to include movers in the hiring package for us to be willing, so, it would be taken care of.

  6. Glad you have a short commute now! As a kid we moved a lot, but we were always in once place for a couple years before moving again.

  7. Love/hate it. It's so nice to purge, which I always do when I move. I feel lighter, fresher, and have the excitement of a new start. But it's also a huge pain and a lot of work. I also don't feel settled in my brain until I'm settled in my home. Best wishes, Julia!

  8. Argh, moving. Three times and ten months is a lot of work, my dear. Hang in there!