Friday, December 17, 2010

9th Day of Christmas & Important Writing Update

Coldplay - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I really like Cold Play's songs Yellow, Clocks, The Scientist, Viva la Vida, and Life in Technicolor II. Lead singer, Chris Martin has a distinct voice that draws me in, and the accompaniment makes me want to dance. Their version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is like warming myself in front of a crackling fire in my pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. The song warms me to the soul by illuminating the pure nature of peace. I love it. I hope you do as well. Merry Christmas again.

Now on to other news. Officially, I'm home from my writing sabbatical. I'm back to editing with a renewed sense of awe of the written word. I studied a couple books that I mentioned in a previous post. They were eye opening, inspiring. I'd highly reccomend them. Now, I feel better equipped to take on the daunting but exciting task of editing. The decision to take an editing break was quite possibly the best idea I've had in a while. To be honest, I was burned out. I was sick of editing. I was ready for my new project, but the manuscript was unfinished. I had to find something to enlighten my mind and create a new bond between me and my manuscript. And happily I can say that it worked. IT WORKED! I will scream in the streets now, "It worked!" I'm totally back in business with ideas and new ways to polish it for submission. Yes, these ideas will in some ways drastically change things, but totally for the better. That's a huge part of writing--making it better. Wish me luck dear followers.

Announcement time! I've planned to complete this crucial edit by the end of January. I tell you all so you can keep tabs on me. Hehe! No seriously, keep tabs on me. Ciao till tomorrow, the 8th Day of Christmas! Yes, I'll still post something on Saturday and Sunday for your listening pleasure in the spirit of Christmas.

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