Thursday, December 23, 2010

3rd Day of Christmas

The Nativity and "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant

The first time I saw Breath of Heaven played in sync with the Nativity produced by the LDS Church, I was absolutely in awe.  I almost cried due to the spirit of Christ that it emulates.  The music follows the movie perfectly, but to my knowledge, it wasn't planned to be played together.  Anyway, I hope today's gift from me to you of the 12 Days of Christmas will bring the real spirit of Christmas--Jesus Christ's birth--into your heart and mind more fully. 

Merry Christmas!

PS: Tomorrow's song for Christmas is my absolute FAV! Plus, don't miss Christmas day's song; it will amaze you!  I was amazed.  Can't believe there is only 2 days left of my 12 Days of Christmas.  It has come and almost gone so fast.

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