Saturday, December 18, 2010

8th Day of Christmas

Sarah Brightman - Ave Maria

OK, who doesn't like Sarah
Brightman? If you don't then I implore you to listen to this song. You'll change your mind for sure--hopefully. Years ago, I worked at a music store and they had all of these demo CD's that they were giving away to the employees. I leafed through them in hopes of finding something I knew or liked. I found nothing that interested me very much except for one CD that caught my attention--Sarah Brightman's album Eden.  The album cover is what made me take it home.  It was so intriguing in it's striking red and black.  The music had to be just as good. I was dead on right.
Of course, I'd never heard anything by Sarah Brightman except for her perfect vocal range in The Phantom of the Opera.  Well, Eden was taken home, listened to, and adored.  I've enjoyed her music since. Thanks be to the free demo CD and the person who designed the cover. (BTW, Talk about great book covers that make you buy them.  I hope mine is just as good so people will buy it. Hehe) Well, some years after the demo CD steal, I got to see her in concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. She was exquisite. She was real, standing right there, singing her glorious music. Oh, yeah, probably the best concert I've ever seen, and I've seen to A LOT of concerts.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.  Six years ago, I lived in Taiwan.  It was Christmas, I was away from home, and my friend's mom sent me a holiday CD for Christmas.  It was graced with Eve Maria by Sarah
Brightman.  Since then I think I've listened to the song at least a hundred times or more. Seriously.  I share it with you now in hopes that it will bring Christmas cheer into your holiday season.  Again, Merry Christmas and enjoy the song.  

PS: More songs to come all next week with the best of the songs on Christmas day!

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