Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smiling all the Way From A to Z -- F

I'm glad that the letter F landed on today. Today is a day that comes only once every year. I endlessly smile on this particular day. Why? Because...
Yup, I'm one year older and wiser too. I hit the big 31 today! By golly, I love birthdays! So, now you can wish me a Happy Birthday and send me lots of presents and a hot handsome hunk of a hubs. haha No, really.
Anyway, Happy and Birthday obviously don't start with the letter F and don't even have that letter gracing the words. Well, how does the letter F and my birthday relate.
Because the things that start with the letter F always make me smile, especially on my birthday. They are my FAMILY and FRIENDS.
I appreciate them all for their love, support, and putting up with me in all my random, quirky, often times loud, and silly ways. They listen. They love. They are my favorite.
So, my presents haven't appeared out of thin air yet. Come on guys, get with it! haha
I love my dear Dad, Mom, sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, three nephews (one on the way), and my princess of a cute niece.
Seriously, guys, where are my presents. *stomps foot*
Well, it's on to you. Starting with the letter F, what makes you smile?
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PS: Refer to the blurb on the very top of my blogs sidebar to know why I am posting about what makes me smile. Go forward and smile!


  1. Happy birthday!!
    I can place a bow on a clone and send him your way...

  2. Well Happy Birthday, Julia! Although I do not know you personally I have LOVED reading your posts in this challenge. I hope you have a FUN birthday with your family and friends.

    1. Thanks, Megan. I have enjoyed your blog too!

  3. One: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Ryan Gosling is on his way :)

    Two: My family and friends make me so happy. They are the best part of my life for sure.

    Have a great day and weekend!

  4. Happy birthday! My brother in law is still single, he's kind of a nerd but a sweet one. He lives in Ogden....

  5. Happy Birthday! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  6. Happy Birthday! I'm singing the B-day song to you right now and my voice is fabulous. Truly. My dog will vouch for me, and we all know what fine judges of singing dogs are.

    I don't have a hubby to offer you, nor do I have any gifts (other than my amazing rendition of Happy Birthday, of course), but I am signing up as an email follower!

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one. I'm sending some virtual cake through time and space.

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a Fantastic, Fun, and Fabulous time with your Family and Friends.

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had fun celebrating this weekend. :D

  10. Have a lovely birthday, Julia! 31 doesn't seem like a big one to me, but then again, I think all birthdays should be big...and really at least a week long. Enjoy!

  11. enjoy your 30s! Good years. I remember thinking I was old by then. But wait until you turn 50:)