Friday, December 16, 2011

Writer's Patience

I have never, ever been a patient person. Just ask my parents. They can definitely attest to my needy ways. I want things. Now. NOW. NOW!

As a writer, you never get things right when you want 'em. What it's called is the awful waiting game. First, the initial writing/editing can take forever. Second, querying can take ages. Waiting for agents to get back to your query, or partials and fulls can be agonizing. It made me turn into an obsessive email checker. I'm still trying to shake the ugly habit. Your life revolves around getting the all-important response.

Getting to the point, over the past week, I've had a huge epiphany that's so against my nature. It scares me lots. I wonder who stole me and where they put my body. Well, folks, I'm learning to be patient. Not only in this area of my life but others, too. If anything, my perspective has changed to I won't get everything right away. I've decided to take a serious chill pill. There's no reason to be a stress bucket as usual. Just breathe and be happy!

I'd say if anyone wants to obtain the virtue of patience, then become a writer. It'll try you more than you could ever think possible.

Writing requires waiting for the right time for those beautiful yes's to come. It may be the hardest thing you'll ever deal with, but will help you to achieve that inner peace or zen desired in life. Embrace the waiting. Love it! Feel it! Cry for it if you must, then pick yourself up and move forward.

One thing that helped me during the waiting was writing my next book straight away. I was able to detach from the manuscript I was querying. Focusing my energy elsewhere proved extremely useful in not getting down. I fell in love with my WIP to the point I was able to cope with the rejections.

Anyway, what's the hardest part about being patient in writing for you? How do you cope with it? What's your advice? 


  1. Hardest part about being patient? Ugh!!!!! Probably feeling like so much in riding on a "yes" ... not knowing if all your efforts will come to fruition or not, wondering if you're wasting your time or if it's all worth it. <---Bahahaha!!!! How's that for uplifting?

    Above is how I used to feel. Presently, I'm just content doing what I can and learning to love the craft again for what it is... instead of getting caught up in the querying death trap. ;)

    Patience is HARD. And it doesn't stop for a writer. If you're not querying, you're on submission, if it's not that, then you're waiting for the product to come out--then you WAIT to hear how people will respond to your little treasure. It's endless. :D

  2. You're right, Morgan. Patience is hard. It's funny cuz I posted this today and my day has been one of impatience. Very funny how differently one minute can be from the next. It's insane. But I must push forward. And yes, this is not over yet. Lots of milestones to hit. But enjoying it along the way.

  3. The hardest part for me is staying the course with the writing and not giving up while I wait for answers on my queries. It's the toughest part cuz I want the next phase to happen but I'm caught wanting to write.

  4. Yep, waiting to hear back from those darn queries is tough, Jack! That's when you just have to start writing! :D