Friday, December 23, 2011

Aspiring or Author: That is the Question

When I started writing, I referred to myself as an aspiring writer. I do have to say it was quite the aspiration that I never, ever thought I would achieve. Basically, I had an idea for a book, and I started writing it. That was that. For reals, I didn’t think I’d ever get to where I’m at now. But inside, I wanted to have the chance to have lots of people read my book, now books. I desired to inspire others to read through my words as reading had done for me. It was and still is a humongous hope. 

The closer I get, the more I want to see my stories on the shelves at bookstores or listed on Goodreads.

It’s every authors dream, right? That’s just it: an AUTHORS dream.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of people referring to themselves with the title “Aspiring Writer.” But folks, if you write, you ARE an author, no matter what stage you’re at. Don’t slight yourself! Right now, you can refer to yourself with the lovely and prestigious title of AUTHOR.

Have you referred to yourself as an aspiring author in the past? When did you start calling yourself an author? If you are still referring to yourself with the word aspiring, are you ready to step off the ledge and call yourself an author? What are your thoughts on this subject?

I know I’m being blunt, but it is a great reason to be frank, my AUTHOR friends.

Writing. Jewels.


  1. Funny enough, I've never called myself and "aspiring" author... I write. It's what I do. It's like saying all the years I was dancing, I was only an aspiring dancer, until what? I danced on broadway?

    You are who you are. Great post. :D

  2. Morgan - you are what you think you are! I think I'm an author, therefore I am an author! Mwah!

  3. Julie,

    Tymothy Longoria is the one who nudged me to the edge with his: Aspire No More blog. I did label myself aspiring, not because I didn't believe in my own writing abilities, but because I feel that the title of author is one you earn by receiving a publishing contract. I have a huge respect for that and for the process, which is designed to weed out those without the determination to persevere and never give up.

    I am determined. I will never stop. I am not among those who will fall away with one too many rejections. And, I have more than one book to write. I've finished one, and continue to revise it and I've got another one in the works. I've also got a slew of ideas waiting to find paper at the end of my pen to come alive. But, first things first.

    Tymothy nudged me, you've encouraged me, and I chose to step forward and stop referring to myself as aspiring. Would I refer to myself as a writer over an author? That's another argument. But, mark my words: you will see my books in print.

    Thank you for the nudge! Keep writing, and so will I!


  4. I always considered you an author.