Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wheel of Fortunate Editing

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Wheel of Fortune. Yes, Wheel of Fortune, you read correctly. One of the contestants solved the puzzle a bit prematurely. The only problem was he didn’t know the last word.

As I watched the sad moment, I couldn’t help but think about editing. I’m about to start that blessed part of writing—cleaning up the first draft. Tonight will commence this stage of my WIP. This element of writing definitely is not my favorite. I enjoy the creative process of writing the most—piecing together a story from start to finish. But, ya know, unless if you are a writing prodigy (and really, could there be a person like that *laughs*) then it’s a necessary evil.

As I compare this to Wheel of Fortune, it shows the rough draft may need that extra word(s), maybe even lose a bunch of words in order to make it complete—a masterpiece. Thus, my friends, editing is needed.

I’m going to try to loveth to deatheth the experience to make my book as good as it can be before I hand it off to CP’s and betas. One thing that has helped me, though, is I’ve had people critiquing it while I’ve been writing. I’ve been able to gauge it as I go. I knew what it lacked and what was super good about it.

I hope this technique will make sure I don’t have to go through it as many times as I did with Félicité Found, my first book. Yet, with that book, I learned a lot to make my WIP easier to type out.

Anyway, please cheer me on during my first edit of ???. I’m so not giving away the name of this book . . . yet. I’ll leave you in suspense. But I’m going to announce to the blogosphere that I plan on finishing this edit in two weeks. At that time, I will let you know my success in polishing my lovely book.

What's your favorite part of writing? Is it the initial writing, editing, or seeing the piece complete? Maybe it’s a mixture or all stages.

Writing. Jewels. Out.


  1. I love drafting but what I love most about drafting is the excitement of finding the story (I don't plot too heavily before diving in but I do give myself a road map to write off of) and that sense of huge accomplishment when I write "The End" on a first draft.

    Good luck with your revisions!

  2. Stephanie - I so understand! The accomplishment is AMAZING!

    Thanks for the wish of good luck!


    Sometimes I think I should become an editor! LOL.

    Yeah, I hate the first draft of writing...ugh! Once the story is there, and it's ready to be polished, that's when I perk up. :D Fun post!

  4. Thanks, Morgan. You should become an editor. You're VERY good at it!

  5. I'm a writing prodigy.

    ...in my heart.

    Great post as always.

    Jules! Jules! She's the dame, when she does it-FAME!


  6. Tymothy is the Rad Dawg of Word! Chill! Thx, bro!