Friday, October 28, 2011

Typos: The TerribleTerrors

As I go through my writing (WIP, Blog Posts), I find the silliest typos. Sometimes it takes a CP/Beta to catch them. Thank the heavens for editing! Huh?

Here are my most common:
  • YOU when I meant YOUR or vice versa
  • HE when I meant SHE or vice versa
  • AN when I meant AND or vice versa
  • ON when I meant IN or vice versa
  • HOW when I meant WHO or vice versa
  • And, I’ll be honest, an occasional mix up on the THERE when
    I meant THEIR or vice versa (I know the difference, though. Haha)
Spell check doesn’t always catch them because they’re spelled right. *shakes head repeatedly*

I guess my fingers have a mind of their own. I blame it on those blasted synapses. They flood from my brain to my phalanges, resulting in the loss or addition of some letters in the process.

I wonder how writers handled these circumstances in the past when technology wasn’t available. All they had was a quill and parchment. They’d have to rewrite a whole page if they fell prey to an evil typo. By hand. Ugh! It makes me respect authors from ages past all the more. Talk about dedication.

I’m glad I have technology and great CP’s to help me with these issues. I don’t think I’ll ever become a typo free author, but I can sure try to excel at my craft by writing wicked good stories.

What typos are your arch-nemeses? How would you have felt being an author from hundreds of years ago?


  1. I don't make many spelling mistakes. It's one of the reasons my wife fell in love with me.

    Also, before computers, writing happened more slowly, so authors thought more about what they were writing. You should try handwriting your manuscript. The story develops differently when you write it out with a pen.

  2. Rob - I'd bet that was the reason why your wife fell for you! haha

    That would be an interesting experience writing a book with a pen. Hmmm.... Yet, I hate handwriting things. I haven't done that since high school. And yes, in the past authors would have been more methodical about their craft.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I'm a big proponent of having someone else look at your writing. Two pairs of eyes are better than one. It's hard to catch those mistakes in your own writing after a while. I leave out words sometimes and I mess up tense (like using an "s" instead of a "d"). As a reader, I'm thankful when authors & publishers try to keep out typos. They can disrupt the flow. Thanks for the reminder, Julia!

  4. Oh, Jules! We both know our typo faults. LOL! I think mine would be leaving a letter off or adding an ' or taking it away when needed. But that's why we have CP's/betas!

    I've handwritten stuff before. Part of TDC was handwritten. Once my hand refused to grip things, I knew it was time to type it. Hehe.

    I'm with you on the writing greats of the past. Dickens must have cursed for hours whenever he found a typo. I know I would've.

    Now keep up the great work!! :)

  5. Julie - Definitely someone (or lots of people) need to edit a bk to catch the little word blunders. haha

    Jamie - I love your thought about Dickens. Great mental pic there. I see him throwing his quill and ink on the wall. haha

    Thanks for commenting guys!