Friday, October 21, 2011


As I watch the leaves changing colors on the mountains surrounding the valley where I live and see the leaves piling up on the grass in the yard, I ponder the seasons. 

It brings to mind the different seasons of my life. I’ve gone through my formative years all the way up to high school graduation. Lots of stamps reside in my passport. A university diploma has been obtained. And now I’m in the author season—one in which will swirl throughout the coming seasons of my life.

At the beginning of this ongoing chapter of my life, all I had under my writing belt was the endless research papers I had to write during college. Uh, that certainly wasn’t the most entertaining time of my life. But when I was inspired to write my book Félicité Found and amazingly started plucking away at the keyboard, I started the journey of a life time.

These are some things I’ve learned during this part of my life:

  • Actually finishing something that I never thought I’d be able to do
  • Having complete adoration for my book
  • Learning patience
  • Feeling comfortable using the technical elements of writing (grammar and punctuation)
  • Being able to craft a story that people really like
  • Developing characters to the point where you feel they’re your best friend
  • Utilizing dialogue to make the story real
  • Editing
  • Becoming a social networking-ista (like a fashionista but for social networking)
  • Developing and maintaining a blog that I’m proud of
  • Becoming good friends with other writers
  • Showing, not telling
  • Writing a great query letter and synopsis
  • Did I mention patience? :) 
  • Gaining confidence in my writing skills
  • And accepting constructive criticism and rejection

With all these things in mind, I look back over the past two years and see just how far I’ve come. I’ve fallen in love with the written word, if not by writing it, reading it. I’m so grateful I’ve found this excellent skill in my life. It has altered my existence forever. I will never be the same for it. And I like who I’ve become because of it.

Next time you look at the crisp autumnal colors brightening the trees, think about just how far you’ve come in the joyous adventures in your life and the season you’re experiencing now. Embrace them and never, ever let them slip out of your hands.  They are priceless!

How have you grown throughout your present season? Writers, how has becoming an author enriched your life?


  1. Wow. Great post.
    And I love your seasons metaphor. In the Christian faith it talks about seasons. How one may be in a season of "not"-not having, not knowing, etc. And that is just one example but I think it covers a lot of ground. Point being we all go through seasons.

    I'm with you there. Before I started writing seriously, I was in one season. One of contentedness, yes, but I always knew there was something more for me.

    Then through circumstances-I found myself in front of the desktop. And man...things have changed.

    My writing is alive. I mean not in a bragging way, but it really does get better each and every time.

    I, too, love writing and words. I have made so many great connections and maybe some will scoff at this, but I consider them friends all. Writing has strengthened my resolve to conquer my dreams and see them to fruition.

    It has changed me. I have since embraced who I am, a writer-and I will never, ever look back.

    We embrace that which defines us.

  2. Tymothy - I'm so glad you enjoyed this post. And that you understand what I'm trying to get across. I love my passion for writing, words. Two years ago I would never have thought I'd be where I am now. I'm grateful that I followed my inspiration to write out the little idea I had for my book. Sigh!
    Thanks for your comment and tweeting about it! You rock!

  3. A very inspirational post, Julia! I enjoy your analogy of likening the writery walk with the seasons. I think more people should pay attention to how they are living as it only makes sense to ponder on the seasons to derive a satisfaction from their lives.

    In my case, I'm not sure how I can define my writer experience because I took my second book and threw it away and I'm starting anew, so I suppose it would be the same thing as going from spring all the way back to winter without having a summer or fall! This is something that's happened where I live!

    Anyway, thanks for the great post!

  4. Jack - Thanks for the comment, sir! I can't believe you threw out your second book. *shakes head* Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Although, I did like how you said that it's like going from spring to winter. Life sometimes does that to us. In more ways than one. Keep on going. You're the best!

  5. I saw something missing from your list: Kind and friendly person and decent human being. Your fans and followers enjoy being associated with you, even though your eating habits are a tad 'different.'

  6. David - You mock my eating habits! Haha! But I thank you for you kind comment. I try to be a friendly person to be around. Even if I'm not really around them: ie - via Twitter/blog. :D