Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding THE Name

So, two nights ago, I was struggling to fall asleep. What typically happens when I’m tossing and turning in bed is I begin thinking about writing. During that period of time, I decided to find a name for my WIP. For a couple minutes, I threw around ideas and thought about the essence of my book.

Suddenly, a name popped into my mind. Then the names for the following two books in the trilogy cascaded into existence. I played around with them until they were perfect. Soon, they stuck in my mind like super glue.

A huge smile exploded on my face. I wanted to tell the world because of the joy of finding the name of something so precious to me, something that gives my life meaning. It’s bound to me.

I’m thrilled that it’s no longer called my WIP or the book I’m writing, but it’s called . . .

Sorry, guys, I’m not releasing it out or the last two book’s names quite yet. I’ll leave you in intense suspense. Now, you all must comment telling me to kick my butt into gear to bring my book “. . .” into reality.

Do it! I dare you.

Anyway, how did you find the name of your book(s), short stories, or even your dog’s name? Was it in the thick of the night? On your drive home from work? Or while you were writing?


  1. Well, my novel work in progress is called "Lycan Island"

    I got the idea because the book takes place on an island. And after watching "Underworld", I discovered that another word for werewolf (there is a werewolf in my novel) is lycan.

    So "Lycan Island" came into existence. I chose it because it has a nice assonant ring to it.

  2. As tiny horton would say..."BRING IT"

    Can't wait to hear about it! :)

  3. John - great way to find a name for your WIP. Shows you've done some research on it. I've had to do tons of research on my WIP. But it has made it all the better. Great name for your book, btw!

    Jen - Yes! "Bring it" and you know what? I WILL! :) And Jen, you've already heard quite a bit about it already. hehe

  4. All of the above. Titles come at random times. One hit me when I was thinking about chapter titles (which I have never successfully come up with) and one fit better as a book title. Riffed on those for the other two in the trilogy. One came during my research and everything just flowed together organically so the title fits in so many ways.

  5. I'm taking the JK Rowling approach, actually, for names of characters, books, everything. I find words that describe my characters and then search for translations of those words to create their names (Like, did you know that "Sophia" means "Wisdom"? Awesome, huh?) After coming up with literally dozens- hundreds- of choices, one (or a combination) will pop out and scream "I AM THE ONE!!! PICK ME!!!"

    Readers will likely never, ever know the amount of effort that goes into picking these things, but I think the amount of effort you put in during the beginning stages pay off in the end. It gives you vision and focus, and helps you remember where you wanted to go with it.

  6. Stephanie - Yep, names come at such different times. Just gotta be listening and it will light up right before you!

    Gina - I do that too with my books. My WIP has definitely been one to find names that have meaning to them. I love google. hehe

    Thanks everyone for your comments! :D

  7. My book's title changed many times (as you already know.) Finally, after talking with the hubby, I found the complete title that said all I wanted it to say. Character names come from what I want you to know about the character. I look up the meaning and choose the name I like best.

    Now, my awesome CP, you have 3 awesome titles & I can't wait to read more of (...) Now, get to work girly! LOL :)

  8. Jamie - Oh, you know it! I'll be working my bum off on this one. haha Love coming up with names. It's so fun.
    Glad you came up with the name that rung true for your book. It fits it well!