Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bigger and Better

The other day, I was tweeting back and forth with one of my good friends, author Jack Flacco. Our witty banter turned into us making up a bigger and better story.
The tale began with a panda bear and a monkey eating sushi. Soon the story included pirates carrying around Barbie and Ken dolls. The ship was being stalked by a poisonous anaconda, but with great luck, the boat’s parrot saved the vessel from devastating destruction.

However, the ship was haunted by a monkey (not the monkey that was eating sushi with the panda or the other monkey that got onto the ship without a passport and really needed deodorant). At the next port, the pirates had to find a priest to exorcise the ghostly monkey. Johnny Depp was an option, but the Ken dolls would have been jealous. With the help of a witchdoctor and the Ghostbusters, the Barbie and Ken dolls attacked the monkey until there was nothing left.
Then they all lived happily ever after.
We came up with something quirky and over-the-top during a twenty minute period of time. Regardless of how strange the plot was, it pumped my creativity in to overdrive.
This could be a useful and successful way to pull you out of a bit of writer’s block or just get you in the writing mindset. Plus, it’ll bring some giggles into your day. Take it from me; I was in a laughing fit the whole time.
Next time you need some writing help, call up, tweet, or message a writing buddy and make up a silly story together. In the end, you’ll be super happy and ready to write.
How bout we start a bigger and better story via comments to this post! I’ll start then the first person to comment add onto what I write. Then the next person to comment continue with what was written before and so forth.
  • A fish flopped up to a haunted house and knocked it’s head on the front door. The heavy entrance into the home creaked open and . . .
Now it’s your turn to add onto the story . . .


  1. Love this idea, Julia.
    The fish was sucked into a vortex and spit out into the attic. As it writhed and gasped on the floor, it peered around the room and saw a pile of bones, an old movie projector, and a mad-eyed Marlene Dietrich sitting on a trunk with a cigarette dangling from her bluish lips.

    (If next person hates that, edit away.)

  2. I'm gonna add onto Julie's part just for the heck of it!

    Marlene's dead looking lips smacked together, skin flaking off in the process. She inched closer to the now pale fish with oxygen deprived eyes bulging out of their sockets until her lips caressed its rubbery skin. A pop sounded in the room. Fog filtered into the space, preventing any field of vision. Once the room cleared of the murky substance, what was in the place of the fish and Marlene were two large trolls with beady eyes and drool snaking down their chins.

  3. Here's mine:

    "Dominion shall be ours over this putrid, filthy fish." Said the trolls. Marlene, never one to slink from an adversary, pulled out her death ray and asked, "What did you say?"

  4. Bahahaha!!!! (Don't have time to be creative, but wanted to let you know I'm laughing) :D

  5. Oh, I love this, Jules. Already giggling! LOL!!

    Looking over at his buddy, the pink haired troll asked, "Is she kidding me?"
    "Wait. That's a chick?" His blue haired friend responded with the look of disbelief written all over his face.