Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stages of Bono

When I was in high school I drew a funny stick figure drawing of Bono. Actually, there were four stick figure Bono's—each progressively drawn with shorter hair. I coined it, "The Stages of Bono." Yes, stick figures because my art skills are so rockin. I wish I still had the pic, but it sadly has fallen prey to my shuffle of stuff. Below is my new and improved version of "The Stages of Bono."

Ok, his hair started off shorter.

The "Unforgettable Fire," oh, yeah, mullet.

The attractive long style.

And the occasional ponytail.

ZooTV brought on the chop of the hair and Bono dons the sunglasses.

Popmart brings on the buzz—the side we never thought we’d see.

A little longer now, granted I drew the pic just after the Popmart tour.
BTW, love the "Pop" album. Everyone should.

And just for kicks, Pope Bono arrives.

And last but not least in the Stages of Bono tour,
a little longer hair cut than the buzz and totally cute.
Sunglasses still in style for Mr. Paul Hewson.

I love Bono! Can I meet you please? Hehe!


  1. Hi Julia, great to meet another big BONO fan. I'm a fan from Australia - I'm a massive fan of his speeches and activism work and his example inspired me to help good causes for free (pro bono) to learn Bono's persuasion techniques - so the name of the project is is Pro Bono Bono.


    1. I think Bono's activism work is so inspiring. That's another reason why I am a fan of him, including U2. Thanks for stopping by, Tony!