Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Incident with the Car Heater...

So, it was a bit chilly this morning, so I had my car’s heater on full blast and at the highest temperature. Alright, I’ll admit it wasn’t that cold, but I really like the warmth. At times it did get a little toasty inside the car so I’d turn the heat down. Sometimes I’d switch the heat just to my face and sometimes just to my feet. By the time I arrived at work, my legs were super hot, temperature-wise of course. I do have hot legs though… JK Anyway, I didn’t realize just how hot they’d become until I looked down at my left foot—it was bright red. Of course, being myself, I started giggling wildly and had to show my boss and coworker. I have to share such monumentally awesome things with others. I just can’t hold anything in or I’ll burst. So, I took a picture of my feet and thought this would make a seriously weird and random post. The car heater induced redness isn’t super noticeable, but look closely and you’ll notice that my left foot is a different color than the right foot. By the way, my ankles look fat in the picture. I insist that my ankles aren’t as fat as shown. I blame it on my phone’s camera. And if you notice, I have a slight bruise on my left ankle—a freak accident with a hedgehog and a pickle. Seriously…Just kidding! Well, it sure is fun to be so easily entertained. I hope that this has entertained you too!

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