Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parisian Perfection

While chit-chatting with my new coworker, we found out traveling is a common love of ours. After discussing our love of Paris, I mentioned I’m writing a novel set in Paris. I answered the normal questions about my book like: What kind of book is it? What’s it about? After some further discussion about my novel, he brought up this cool site to visit there. It's called Sainte-Chapelle. The structure boasts colorful stained-glass windows—the eye catching marvel of the Gothic structure. Sainte-Chapelle is near Notre Dame and Pont Neuf. I hope to venture back to Paris, so I can visit Sainte-Chapelle and other attractions I didn’t grace with my presence during my first trip to the city of lights and love. Check out the following links to learn about Sainte-Chapelle and see more photos. I’m sure you’ll fall in love.


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