Monday, August 12, 2013

Pull out the Pocketbooks, Folks. It's Félicité Found Release Day!

Today's the day folks! My novel, Félicité Found, is available for purchase and its blog tour is under way. Check out these amazing blogs for fun content all about the book and a chance to win a paperback or e-book copy: 

Monday, August 12: Sara Bowers
Tuesday, August 13: Elise Fallson
Wednesday, August 14: Jolene Perry
Thursday, August 15: Nick Wilford
Friday, August 16: Rebekah Callor Grow

You can purchase my little precious at the following links:

Amazon: e-book
Amazon: paperback paperback
Here's the blurb about my sweet book:

Seventeen-year-old Pierre Rousseaux witnesses a young girl take a near fatal plunge off Pont Neuf Bridge into the freezing water of the River Seine in Paris, France. After diving into the racing river himself, he is able to rescue her from a watery death, but only after her head is bashed into the river
wall. Upon reviving her from unconsciousness, Pierre realizes she doesn’t remember her past at all.

The girl struggles to recall anything from before she may have tried to commit suicide, not only once but possibly twice. The few glimpses into her life are discovered through dreams that can only suggest her past was horrific and jaded by intense anger.

Her memories may force her to lose everything she has grown to adore, especially the boy she loves more than anything in the world: Pierre.

The girl, Félicité Moreau, must decide if the life she desires is enough to make things from her past right. Pierre struggles to resolve if Félicité means enough to him that he will fight for her, regardless of her past and despite his own personal demons.

With a paranormal twist, Félicité Found is Julia King’s debut Young Adult novel—a horrific love story.

Most definitely add Félicité Found to your Goodreads to-read shelf, too!
And scream from the rooftops to all your family and friends about my little cupcake.
And could it get any better? Yes! There's a giveaway, to boot! Enter to win a paperback or e-book copy of Félicité Found!
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Thanks with a thousand hugs!
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  1. Congratulations, Julia!!! Enjoy your day.

    1. I'm having quite the good day. Work is over, I got flowers from my roomie, and my book launch party starts in 40 minutes. Woot! Thanks, Alex.

  2. Nothing like a new book, congrats indeed!

  3. How on earth did I miss this? Ahhh!

    Congratulations, Julia! :D

    1. No worries, chica! There's a ton of blogs and a ton to do. I'm glad you found out today, though. Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me. Here's to the future. Hugs!

  4. Congrats, Julia. It's a gorgeous book cover.

    1. Awww, thanks. Sigh! I appreciate your congrats.

  5. I've been seeing your book all over Blogdom these days. Congrats! And best wishes for a smashing success!

  6. Soooooo proud of you, Jules!!!!! Hope today is amazing!!!!! This is SO HUGE!!!!!


  7. So excited for you!! The cover is BEAUTIFUL and of course I love all things French-related :)

    Congrats Julia! I cannot wait to read it!!

  8. Congrats and best wishes for the book. You've managed to do what many of us only dream (so far) of getting, it's time to reap the rewards :)

  9. Congrats Julia! Hope you're having a good book release. I'm excited for you!

  10. Hi Julia! Just saw your post over on Nick's blog and wanted to say hello. It's so nice to meet you! Congratulations and best of luck with your book!