Monday, August 19, 2013

My Baby is a Week Old: Félicité Found Updates

Since I don't have a child of my own, I consider the birth of my little Félicité Found as my baby. So she is a week old now. She is flourishing and growing little by little. I hope that over the coming weeks and months, she will spread her wings to be seen and read by countless people. It was difficult to let her go--out of my protective care--but it was time.

I can only say that I have learned a great deal over the past week. I may or may not have been stressed and wanted to crash and burn (a couple naps were called for--don't tell anyone).

Here is a photo from my book launch party:

Well, it's sort of blurry but you get the idea. This was the point in the party after I had read the first chapter and I was blabbing out answers to questions. Bless all the attendees' hearts. I think I talked their ears off. Oops!
I'd like to thank everyone that bought my book. There was a greater response than I thought there would be. Hugs! In addition, I'd like to thank the following bloggers for hosting my blog tour:

Sara Bowers, Elise Fallson, Jolene Perry, Nick Wilford, and Rebekah Callor Grow. Hugs! And Morgan Shamy for the cover reveal.

Also thanks to YA Bound for the Book Blitz. Well over 70 book bloggers promoted my precious. Super hugs! And to others that made mention about my book release on their blogs or Facebook or Tweets.

And now for my own promoting. Here's where you can buy my book:

Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Add it to your Goodreads and write up a review after you've read my little cupcake.

Tell all your friends and family. I would appreciate you help! Have you bought my book yet? And how was last week for you? Any good news on your end?

Hugs to all!

Writing Jewels

PS: I will announce the winner of my book giveaway on Wednesday here on my blog. 249 entries were counted. Wow!!! And I have over 400 followers now. Super Wow!!! Until then... Happy Buying My Book! *shameless plug*


  1. Great launch indeed it sounds like. Hopefully your baby will grow and at least this one isn't a poo machine lol

  2. Happy one-week-versary! Glad it turned into a great week. And definitely a nap is in order. Though I would say that regardless of the week.

    1. Indeed. I think my body is used to naps now. It doesn't like to be awake anymore. Drat!

  3. happy for your successful launch! my baby is a month old. hard to believe! and harder to promote!
    love the cover! heres to good sales!

    1. For shizzle. I'm already seeing how it's going to be difficult to keep up the sales. Congrats to your month old baby! :D

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! :D

  5. Wow. Sounds like you're on your way.
    Best of luck! :)

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