Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Touch Down at the Finish Line

Last week, I finished the first draft of my WIP. I took the day off work to get it it done, but the closer I got to the end (of the first book in a trilogy), the harder it was to write. I swear it was the first time during the process I had any real form of writer's block. The sad thing is I knew exactly how it was supposed to end. Yet, typing out the words felt forced. 

I finally gave up, ate some lunch, did the dishes, and thought about going at the whole writing escapade again. Nothing came as I stared at the laptop screen. Again, I gave up, throwing myself at the mercy of the couch (or on the couch rather) and flipped on HGTV. Hours and a short nap later, I pulled out the computer again. Still nothing. Argh! So ridiculous not to be able to write, especially when I knew exactly where I wanted to go with it.

I realized it was like someone running a long distance. When they're nearing the finish line, it gets harder to keep going. They start telling themselves if they just make it to the tree way off in the distance then they can stop. Once they get there, they pick another focal point to keep them running.

This is how I felt. I was so blasted close to a finished first draft of my book, but so far away. Crunching out the words became difficult. I couldn't do it even though I only had a few pages left. Yet, I somehow got there just as I was about to quit. 

At that point, I was exhausted. It felt surreal to have all the words on the pages. However, for some reason I felt empty. After contemplating my feelings, I realized I was coming off of a writing high. I'd been typing furiously for so many weeks that not having the creative force pushing me along anymore was depressing.

Now, I get to partake of my most favorite part of writing: editing. Uh, so not my favorite, but it is a necessary evil. I look forward to it, though. I can take the things I know have to be fixed (and CP's have told me as well) and make it super fantastic. 

It's rather rewarding to know I've finished a first draft of book number two. I stash it under my belt, happy I actually got here and so fast, too. I can smile for that!

How have you felt after finishing a first draft?

Writing. Jewels. 


  1. Congrats on finishing your first draft! I can't wait until I finish my first draft. Unfortunately, it's going to be some time because studies and (urgh) finals come first.

    I'm cheering for you. Can't wait until I can walk into a bookstore and buy a book with your name on it!

  2. Kris - thanks for the comment! I hope to have books on the shelves for you to read, too! One day! Sigh.

    BTW - it is tough when so much is getting in the way of writing. Argh! I feel you pain all the way, girl! Keep on going. You'll get to the finished first draft!

  3. Such a great feeling! You tell yourself, "It's real, see." There's much more work to do, I know, but the basic story is down on paper. Now you can go back through and make sure all the things you wanted to say are in there.

  4. David - Yep, lots more work left to do! But the story is in words now, not just in my mind. Yippee!

  5. Haha! Julia, we are such opposites! *laughs* Bring on the editing! My favorite part!!!! :D

    Getting that first draft done is such a HUGE relief... it feels amazing. And such an accomplishment! Can't wait to read more of your awesome story! :D

  6. Morgan - I can't wait for you to dive into my MS and bleed all over it with you pretty colorful critique! haha

  7. My last completed manuscript (also my 2nd novel) was a bit of a let-down too. I totally pantsed my way through, and I knew it had big ol' plot holes. I trudged through the ending, did one rewrite and fixed some big things, and set it aside. I'm planning to kick off edits on it after the new year. I'm now eager to get back to it...but I needed a break.

    Congrats on finishing! Enjoy the edits. Always a tough job, but well worth the effort.

  8. Julie - you wanna be my cheerleader for edits? Haha Yep, it is a good idea to take a break after writing something or even edits. It let's you and the story breath!