Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Burst of Inspiration

Have you ever been in a completely normal situation, then BAM, an idea for a book bursts into your head?

That happened to me the other day. It was like I had been transported into another dimension with the premise of the book lightning bolted into my mind. I felt a surge of energy as though I had been plugged into the largest power source known to manthe universe. Bubbles of giddiness made concentrating on the present situation almost impossible. I surrendered to the idea of my next project. Although, it will have to wait until I finish up my current projectsa trilogy in which I've only finished half of the first book. 

Yet, perhaps, I'll pop this project in-between writing the other two. Who knows? Just depends on if I need a short break from my sweet trilogy.

But, alas, an idea is trapped in my mind, awaiting being written into reality. Well, just the initial premise is there, but the rest will come I'm sure in the midst of a sleepless night (how most of my plot thickening experiences take place).

Have you ever had one of these types of experiences? How did it make you feel? And, guys, look around everywhere for ideas for books. You'll never know what might inspire a book!


  1. Yeah, all my book ideas pretty much fall out of the sky and smack me in the head. Love that feeling!

  2. Ryan - Bam! I hope your head isn't sore. haha Love the ideas coming. It is so wonderful having the creative mind to get such great ideas flood into my head. Just wish I had more time to write them all out. It's so blasted exciting!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love that feeling! It's the best when you're hit with an idea that gets you excited! Cuz heh, if you're not excited at one point, then what's the point in trying to conquer that beast!

  4. Definitely, Morgan! It makes the writing experience all the better. Seriously, if an author isn't extremely excited about their project, then why in the devil would the reader enjoy it. Bam!!!

    Thanks for the comment, sista!

  5. Yes! Recently I had a plot idea pop into my mind, and with a little work it became a full-blown story. I keep honing my outline, and I'm itching to start writing that book. But alas, other projects are midway for me as well. Still, it's a great feeling, isn't it?

  6. Julie - A terrific feeling. But have to wait a while to start it. Eep! I even have the name of my MC! So fun! Thanks!

  7. Absolutely! Been hit in the head several times! Well...all the time! Only, I tend to forget writing the ideas down and they never see the light of day! Haha! But IT IS and awesome feeling!

  8. Jack - Yep, it feels wonderful to get ideas. I seem to remember them even without writing them down. *knock on wood* Haha. Can't wait to delve into my new idea! hehe

    Thanks for you comment. And I hope your head doesn't hurt too much for being hit in the head several times. :D

  9. This! This! This!!!

    This is exactly what happened when the idea for my current WIP occurred to me! I was going about a very routine, very dull day, when this idea started percolating around in my head, and after connecting the "What if?"s for half an hour, I found myself staring at a wall, wondering why on earth this book didn't exist already?!?!

    This is my NaNo effort (that I am failing at), and this is the book that I WILL take all the way. I've actually been doing so much world building, that I've got a series planned out.