Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winner Announced & the Unmotivated Reader Syndrome

I want to thank all those who entered to win Minder by Kate Kaynak. Now it’s time to announce the winner.

*Drum Roll*

Ella Schwartz

Congratulations, Ella. I will be contacting you via email with information to receive the book.

I would also like to thank Kate Kaynak for offering to give away a copy of her book for this contest. Minder is a fantastic read. Check it out!

FYI: The winner was picked according to the order in which people entered the contest. I asked my beautiful angel of a mom to pick a number between the numbers of entrees. She picked “1.” Ella was the first person to enter the contest, so she wins.

Now that I’m done with giveaway business, I’ve got to be honest with you. Every once in a while I go through a phase where I can’t get myself to pick up a book and read it. After about a week I’ll be devouring books again—one after the next. Crazy, huh? All of you obsessed book worms are probably shaking your head at me. Yep, I have found myself in another Unmotivated Reader Sydrome.

Last night, I grabbed Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare off my to-read bookshelf. Sadly enough, I didn’t have the desire to open it to its first page. Let me tell you, I’ve been excited to read that book for a while. Unfortunately, enjoying the book won’t be happening for a few days. In time I’ll get over this reading lull and be back to my I-always-have-a-book-in-my-bag-self.

Does this ever happen to you? How long does it take you to get back into the groove of reading? And please tell me I’m not the only person who becomes less than motivated to read every once in a while. It makes me feel like an alien in the vast world of readers.

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  1. I have to switch up my genres every once in awhile. When I read a book that I can't get into or it takes me forever to read, that can also throw off my groove. I'm reading Pegasus by Robin McKinley right now...SO GOOD!