Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Sort of in Love...

I have sort of fallen in love with the band The Killers and Brandon Flowers for that matter. Alright, I'll admit it, I've hopelessly, desperately fallen in love with them. They make for some inspiring writing music. Oddly enough, my coworker went to high school with Mr. Flowers. She said he was a punk. I say he is a gorgeously, hot punk. 

Anyway, I just barely heard Read My Mind on Pandora, so I looked up the music video. It’s hilarious in a very random way. Please check it out and tell me why you think the green, blobby character is in the video?

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Thank you and have a totally "Killer" Thursday!


  1. Yes ma'am, the killers are pretty much one of my favorite bands and this song is no exception. Thanks for posting this video. I fall in love again every time I hear them. Punk or no punk, kid can sing.

  2. Green blobby man is still making me giggle. The end is rather twisted. Sort of disturbs me. hehe

  3. Great song, and a strange but cool video too! Love The Killers!

  4. One of my favorite bands. I do think Brandon Flowers looks better clean shaven, though ;P. Green blobby things is that one guys teddy :D lol. If you use firefox as your web browser there are some awesome Brandon Flowers themes you can use. One of my sisters designed them. Just saying.