Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing Tools: Well Not Really...

Just some quick business: I'm sorry I've been behind on checking out other blogs, especially those of my "Blog Roadies", if you will. Been a bit busy with revisions. I still love you and appreciate your comments and page views. Mwah!

Ok, now to today's topic. As I worked on revisions last night, I noticed of all the things I have scattered on my desk.

Here's the list:
  • Waterbottle full of ice water - I drink H2O like an alcoholic
  • Pen and paper - for notes and to write down songs I like on Pandora to buy off iTunes later
  • Chapstick - my lips get chapped easily. Ok, I'm addicted to the stuff
  • Some munchies - candy or fruit but most likely candy
  • My iPhone -  just in case someone texts or tweets me so I can respond--I don't answer phone calls, though. Sorry ----> Voicemail
  • My iPhone again - just in case I want to listen to my tunes on it
  • Skull Candy ear buds - they help me to drown out the noises around me so I can focus
  • And I always wear pajamas while writing/revising/editing - gotta be comfy, for sure.

I have all these things at my reach so I'm not distracted. If only I could have the toilet right there... Uh . . . TMI.

New subject: How about those Dodgers, eh? 

So, what do you have at hand while you are writing?  

PS: Don't ask me how Yoda relates to this post... The pic came up when I searched Google images for cluttered desks. It was way too cool not to put on this post. Haha Maybe you can come up with a great idea for how Yoda relates to what writer's have on their desks. Bring it.


Writing. Jewels.


  1. I have a squeezable bath toy I stole from my three year old. It's a purple walrus but it helps me focus. My WIP is about selkies and when I explained it to my hubby he said "so it's about a demon walrus?" Now he thinks Demon Walrus would be the perfect title for the book. But my little purple bath toy keeps me happy and gets me thinking of my story.

    1. That is the coolest thing ever! I must get myself a squeezable bath toy. But, I can't believe you stole it from you 3yo. Haha I dare you to name your book Demon Walrus. Could name it a Demon Llama ---> Name that movie... :D

    2. The only Demon Llama I can think of is from Emperor's New Groove. (great movie)I once wrote a children's book about a paisley Llama though.

  2. I always have my pen and notebook because that's where I keep my ideas before I put them into Scrivener. I also listen to music on my iPhone while I'm writing. I have to put everything else away because I get distracted and have so many other things I want to do at the same time.

    1. Distractions bite. I should use Scrivener. On the to do list.

  3. Yoda was always telling Luke to clear his head and focus. So yeah. Run with that.

    I have to have my project binder and my iPod. That's it. If I'm drafting, I'm writing longhand and so I'm distraction free that way. If I'm revising, I'm on the computer and I'll have Tweetdeck running in the background.

    1. Great reason for why I have Yoda on my post. I'll take that one for sure. :D

  4. *sigh*

    Since I have little kids, and I do all my writing in snippets, I definitely am lacking in the organization of the process. Snacks are a must if I am sitting down after bedtime and settling in for a couple hours of writing. Lately I've been loving strawberries dipped in a mix of 2 parts greek yogurt and 1 part nutella.

    Otherwise, I'm pretty loosey-goosey.

  5. I don't know what Yoda's desk looks like but I know he also likes frozen peas.

  6. Revise or do not revise... there is no try. (;

  7. I actually have a little yoda figure on my desk - a gentle teacher telling me that the force is strong within me!