Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My New Obsession: Downton Abbey

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend suggested me check out Downton Abbey. She spoke so highly of the show I couldn't resist but trying it on for size. So on President's Day I had the enitre day off from work.

*claps hands* 

I decided to do nothing all day. Absolutely nothing. And I deserved it.

By the end of the day, I'd finished the whole first season and the first episode of the second. I laid in my bed with the laptop perched by me for at least 5 of all of those episodes. Lazy but totally worth it. I'm completely up to speed with all episodes now.

My take on this show is it's a period piece soap opera. You know how soap operas are, something seems to be resolved then another twist in the story occurs to shake the plot up a bit more. Oh, and that happens in every episode. But, it's so much better than those daytime, cheesy soaps.

Here's the thing, the writing is brilliant. The concept is corageous and inventive. The dresses are gorgeous, not to mention the hot men gracing the screen (ie: Matthew). It's amazing that with so many characters wrapped up into a community, they're so well developed with their own joys, problems, and skeletons. I feel like I know them all personally.

Now, I have to mention which character's are my favorite:

Bates is my Downton Abbey crush. I've liked him since he played a role in "North and South." He's so sweet especially to Anna. Oh, poor, poor Bates. How I love him.

For some reason, even with all of Mary's faults, I still adore her.

The house dog, Pharaoh. He's so cute that I want to hug him and take the fluffy little friend home. Dog's are my favorite animal so I automatically have to like the dog.

Carson is loyal, absolutely loyal. I'd have him as my grandpa any day.

Anna will always do what's right. She may just be my favorite character for that fact.

Are you obsessed with Downton Abbey? Who are you favorite characters? When did you start watching it? Are you angered to have to wait for a long time to watch season three? Do you think you'll start watching it now?

Writing. Jewels.    


  1. I'll have to wait and see if Michael Offutt adds this to the 100 shows he watches a week. And then I won't watch it anyway.

    1. Oh, come on! I dare you to watch it. Cave into peer pressure. haha :D

  2. I just became aquanted with this series and have only watched the first season. I too love Bates, Anna and Carson.

    1. You'll finish the second season pretty quick once you start watching it. :D Glad to have you on my blog.

  3. I love Downton Abbey (Anna is definitely my favorite character)! My computer isn't too good with online videos, though, so I'm going to have to wait until season 2 is on Netflix . . .

    1. You gotta love slow computers. Ugh! You will enjoy season two. It only gets better. Perhaps it's a good thing you can't watch it yet. Now I'm pining over it in great want to see more. *taps my watch* hehe And, yes, Anna is the best and most humble, least with guile. :D