Friday, September 16, 2011

You and only YOU!

I received some valuable advice a while ago that has stuck with me. It is . . .

The only person who can sell your book is you!

I’ve taken that suggestion very seriously. If I want be published, then I’VE got to put in the effort. No one else can do it. Of course an agent and/or publisher are helpful. But, even then I plan on working my butt off.

Here are some tips I thought of that might help you sell your book:

Write it. How much more plain can it be. Yep, you gotta put in the time, if you wanna make the dime. Ok, lame rhyme, I know.

Edit, edit some more, then edit a whole lot more. Your book has to shine, and revisions are the way to achieve that lofty goal. This also includes having critique partners and beta writers. They definitely will catch things that you didn’t—that will make it tons better. Writing a story takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it.

I’ve said this multiple times, but I’m going to say it again. Social network. It will get your name out there, especially if you aren’t published yet. I use Twitter and my blog. I’ve found much success using these platforms.

Have a great network of supportive writing friends. Writing and querying can take a toll on an author. Keep in touch with these people. They’re going through the same rollercoaster ride as you are. They can empathize with you. And likewise, you will help them.

Take time away from your manuscript. Some detachment can result in fresh eyes. I’ve found that distancing myself away from my book has helped me notice typos or parts that can be fixed, things I didn’t see before. This is a great tool.

Keep on querying. Don’t let the rejections overcome your desire to have a published book—your book. Yes, you can own the gloomy feelings for a while, but then pick yourself up. I’ve spent many an evening laying on the couch super depressed, not wanting to do anything else but watch T.V. But I got over it. Remember: rejections are a part of the journey to sell your book.

I hope these tips have been helpful. The only person who can sell your book is definitely YOU!

What do you suggest doing in regards to this subject?


  1. Julia, I enjoyed your post as it contains great nuggets of advice. You are certainly right about "the only person who can sell your book." This is becoming increasingly true on many levels. I read many news stories and blog posts of accomplished authors who are disappointed with either the publishing houses or their agents. Now writers have the additional option of publishing independently. I believe if you have a great work and it is properly marketed, it will be recognized with all the social media tools now available (practically for free!). I also believe the market is attracting more talent and will become more competitive because writers are aware they are no longer at the mercy of gatekeepers. One high-profile agent recently wrote a blog article pointing out that your self-published ebook may become me the new query.

    You'll find some items if you search for "jenny bent ebook new query."

    Thank you for sharing your advice and insights. I think you just inspired an article for my blog!

    Gary from Literary Snippets

  2. Gary - Loved your comment. Seriously, as an author we must take the bull by the horns (pardon the cliche) and make the dream to be published happen. I am not planning on doing independent, though. I'm gonna work my rear end off until I get a publisher.

    Glad I could be an inspiration. Keep on writing. Yay!

  3. Julia, first of all your site looks awesome! I love the new decor! Woot woot! :)

    Secondly, this post is great for everyone who needs the encouragement to keep writing! You've captured many of the finer points of writing I'd hoped to have covered myself in a future blog post of my own! You beat me to it! Haha J/K ;)

    Good job!

  4. Jack, my good old friend (no knock against your age at all. Seriously). Anyway, thanks for the comment about my blog. Gotta change things up every once in a while. Monotony bites bad!

    Sorry for stealing the blog post idea. But. You still should do one like it. The more encouragement for us authors the better. Bring it on, mister!


  5. This is so true. Ultimately, it's up to the writer to create buzz to get the book in the hands of readers. Thanks for the reminder, Julia!

  6. Great advice here. Writers today do have to tend to much of their marketing, but the Internet definitely makes it easier to do so. And there's such a great community of support there, too, keeping us going :)