Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Me. And. Skinny Jeans.

A month or so ago, one of my co-workers got me into the some stylish clothing styles. And bargain shopping, for that matter.

Okay, I’ll admit it: I adore skinny jeans, now. I never thought I would, because I’m not the typical person to follow the trends. I’m glad I’ve caved into the current dress fads, though. It’s not like I run around dressed in a potato sack by all means. If I could, I’d wear pajamas all day long. I’m all about being comfortable.

It’s great to fit in, now. At least with how I dress, of course.

This is a random thing to share, I know. Just thought I’d pass on the new development in my life.

Have a stylish and trendy day!


  1. I love skinny jeans, although I originally resisted them. I was finally dragged into wearing some because apparently I have the perfect body for them (ultra-narrow hips, for instance) and they go well with boots. I was hooked! They are so comfy and I like the way they look on me.

    It's pretty much the same story with leggings...

  2. Katie - Yeah people tell me I have the bod for skinny jeans. I'm totally a fan now.

  3. Do you follow the style network on twitter? They show how to wear a trend in day wear and night time? I like to watch and pick up tips. Also I think that map is off because all of Texas is trendy! ;)

  4. Cari - haha. The map is so off. Shakes head. Glad to know that if I ever go to Texas, I'll be surrounded by trend. Thanks for the comment!