Friday, September 9, 2011

The Power of Creation

My last post was about the hiking adventure I took on Monday. It got me thinking about something important to me: creation.

The world is beautiful in so many ways. It’s awe-inspiring. I thought about the towering trees around me on my hike; the birds chirping in the blue, cloud-filled sky; the rush of the bubbly water flowing into a rippling creek; and the pretty yellow flowers with white tips. They all started as something small, then grew into something majestic. I enjoyed being there, taking in the fresh air and glories of nature.

I’ve fallen in love with many parts of the world: be it the Great Wall of China, a temperate beach on the Cinque Terre, the dark green pines dotting Portland, Oregon’s landscape, or even my own backyard.

Being an author, I've had the great opportunity to create. I adore crafting a story in which people can enjoy. My characters are real to me. If I wanted to look crazy, I’d talk to them at the grocery store or the local park. My mind is glittered with ideas. Putting them on paper is exhilarating, yet, agonizing at times.

I’ve read many books that have helped me to hide away for a few hours in a different place with diverse people or creatures. I’m thankful for the authors who’ve spent countless hours perfecting their idea for it to reach my eyes, mind.

Creation starts with a small idea that grows into something larger, bigger than we could ever think it could be. My book, Félicité Found, sprouted from a mere dream. The idea stuck with me for weeks until one sleepless night the plot expanded in my mind like a flower ready to blossom. I’ve loved it ever since; sometimes hated it, too, but all good things take hard work for it to be successful.

Continue to work hard on your creations. They may be writing a story, painting a picture, plucking the strings of a guitar, or planted roses in your garden.

There is power in creation. It enriches not only your life, but the lives of countless others.

Cinque Terre (middle photo) Copyright Julia King 2011


  1. So true! I love the Einstein quote: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Sometimes, though, the beauty of a landscape goes even beyond my imagination. Keep being creative! :)

  2. Thanks, Julie for you comment. Einstein is so smart. You are, too! I will never stop being creative.