Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Element of Writing for the Writing Jewels

Being an author allows me the chance to wear lots of fluffy, pretty hats. One I’ve recently tried on and took home with me from the store is being a critique partner. I’m blessed to work with Trisha Wolfe and Jamie Corrigan. They’re both amazing writers and critique partners. Trisha was the turning point for my manuscript—she kicked its butt into gear. And not only has Jamie taken on the task of editing my book, but she’s given me some dating advice, too. Now that’s dedication. Uh, TMI. hehe

Being busy with a job, writing/editing my own book, soon-to-be querying, cracking into my next novel, etc., I didn’t think I’d be able to take on editing someone else’s book. But I’ve been able find the time and have fallen in love with the opportunity.

The last couple days, I’ve been reading a super fantastic book that Trisha Wolfe is working on. First of all her book is amazing. Second, I’m able to help her polish her I-can’t-stop-reading-it book. And third, it’s helping me to see ways I can improve my own writing. My eye is becoming more critical, picking out ways to tighten up a scene or even a sentence.

I sort of wish I’d been a critique partner earlier, however, I don’t think I was ready for it up until recently. Having figured out my own writing groove, I’m more confident in managing my time to add such a valuable experience into my schedule. Now I’m able to use my skills to help others polish up their work. That makes me happy, giggly.

My love affair with writing is now stretching to a new and enjoyable sphere. In that I’m able to aid my friends and critique partners to beautify their writing.

What’s your favorite part(s) about being a critique partner?

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  1. OMG, Jewels, I'm totally blushing over here! You're book was simply amazing, and I couldn't be prouder to have you as a CP! =D This is an awesome post! Everyone needs to find a great support system. Can't wait to start the querying process with you! EEP Hugs!

  2. *blushes* Love you, Julia! & I can't believe you put in the dating advice! LOL!! I'm so blessed to have you as my CP and to also get to read your wonderful ms. You're going places lady. And those places are huge!!

    Everyone should have someone as awesome as you for their CP. I'm so happy that I get to be one of yours. *hugs* Great post!! :)

  3. Trish and Jamie - Thanks for the comments! *grins* I loveth you two!

    Yes, Jamie, I have no shame--the dating advice HAD to go in. haha

  4. I have an amazing Critique Partner! She's helped me hone my craft and has given me valuable advice I could have never gained on my own. Every writer should have a CP! But here's the trick...the CP has to love the genre, otherwise, it's like giving a child a lamb dinner...they will not appreciate it for what it is!

  5. @ Jack - You are so right. Your CP must know and appreciate your genre. I am in a writer's group w/ a poet, 2 essayists, and a graphic novel writer. None of them read YA or know anything about it. I love the group, and they do manage to give constructive criticism. However, they don't know the genre and keep asking questions like "will 12 yr olds get this?" even though that's MG, not YA.