Friday, July 29, 2011

Name Revealed

I’ve been working on my novel for a year and a half now. During this whole time, I’ve been apprehensive to officially reveal its name. Perhaps it’s because she’s been such a major part of my life that I haven’t wanted to let her leave home to enter the big, bad world. I figure since I’m querying now, I may as well unlock the door and let her find her way into the capable hands of an agent and publisher.

I know this is cliché, but the idea came from a dream I had. Yet, it goes back farther than that. In July 2009, I treated myself to a trip to Europe as a graduation present to myself. The first stop was Paris, France. I’ve been smitten with that city ever since.

After coming back, I found myself there in my dreams all the time. Talk about a huge let down after waking up. Pft! But one of my Parisian dreams enthralled me; I thought about it for weeks. I told some family members its details with wishy-washy plans to write a story based around it. One sleepless night, I came up with the beginning and the end.

I started tapping away at the computer until I had a very rough draft finished. After many edits and revisions, I now have a complete manuscript. I’m where I’ve wanted to be for over a year. 

Query-dome! Woot Woot!

So without further explanation, I introduce you to my book’s title!

Félicité Found

My little secret is officially out of the bag. Félicité Found says to you:


I hope you like the title, but WHEN it’s published you’ll enjoy its story even more.

To give you a little sneak peek into my book, I share the following pictures. 
They play special roles in my book. Enjoy! 

Pont Neuf Bridge

 Jardin des Tuileries and La Grande Roue (Ferris Wheel)

And of course the Eiffel Tower! Oui Oui!

I hope I've peeked your interest so one day you'll read my book!


  1. I love the title, and the pictures are amazing. I again can't wait to get my hands on your book. I still remember having lunch for my birthday almost two years ago, when you brought up the idea for the book. I thought it was a great idea back then and have looked forward to reading it ever since. Good luck with the next step!

  2. Liz - It's funny where life takes us! Thanks for the comment and liking the title. I will keep you posted on the book! Crossing fingers for an agent to swoop in wanting my book! *smiles*

  3. Now I feel really special because you let me know the title months ago. I'm sure you'll let us all know when it gets published because I want a copy.

  4. Oh, no! You're ahead of me! *Edits faster*

    Best of luck!! I can't wait to see the published product!

  5. I'm in love with the title!!!! Excellent! and I'm so excited to read it WHEN it gets published :)

  6. I love alliterative titles! Good luck with the queries :)

  7. Of course, you know I love the title. I think your book is going to rock the publishing world, my little author.

  8. Tres exciting, Jules! ;) oh la la!

  9. I love love love it!! We went to Paris for our honeymoon. It's a super magical city! I can't wait to read your book! I'm soo intrigued!

  10. Julia, I just wanted to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read your manuscript prior to publication! It was an experience I would soon never forget! I think the title encapsulates the book's theme and provides readers a glimpse into what they may expect when picking up a copy!

    BTW, I've never been to Pont Neuf Bridge, but your description and the picture you've provide on this post is EXACTLY the way I had pictured it in my mind's eye! To me--that is AWESOME writing!

    Looking forward to its publication!

  11. Congratulations on finishing your book! So exciting!

  12. Just want to say thanks to everyone for commenting on my post! It is exciting to be querying!
    Jack - I'm glad the part of my book on Pont Neuf was described well enough to let you picture exactly what I looks like. To be honest, I've never been there either. Need to though! One of two places in Paris I so need to get to.

  13. Love it! Fingers crossed for your querying process. I can't wait to hear the news about your awesome new agent (and then the book sale)!!!