Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I’ve Learned Wednesday: The Many Hats of Writing

December 2009. I had a dream. Dream turned into a plot. Plot turned into a manuscript. Manuscript turned into an endless string of edits. Endless string of edits turned into me pulling my hair out. Pulled out hair eventually will turn into a published work! Published work will lead to wearing more hats than I do now. Wearing more hats than I do now will be really cool.

In December 2009, I had absolutely no idea what industry I was getting myself into. The writing industry is way more than just plucking away at your laptop. Being an author requires many hats. I haven’t even put on all of the hats, but still am way excited to wear them all.

I attended a writing conference last year. Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven series, The Candy Shop War, Pingo, and The Beyonders (released 3/15/11), was the keynote speaker. He spoke about all the hats that authors get to wear. “Get to” cause it’s way fun! He said a few things, among many, that left an impression on me.

You get to be a speaker, marketer, small business owner, and reading advocate. I hope to be an author who gets to go around speaking to people about writing and other related topics. I’m already marketing my name, my book. I’ve got a social networking business up and booming. I wouldn’t call it a business, though cause I have way too much fun with it. And I get to be an advocate for reading. Seriously, what an awesome job it is to be an author.

Being an author has lots of other aspects other than the writing part. The writing part is the most important, but you have to remember that there are other parts to this industry, especially if you want to be published. I’ve found that during my writing/editing stages, social networking has been king. I have to get my name out there, my brand, Writing Jewels. I really enjoy blogging and have to admit that I’m obsessed with Twitter.

Which authoring hats to you love to wear? Are you just as giddy about all these pretty, fun hats as I am? Were you surprised at all the other things you’d have to do in order to get published? Or were you pleasantly surprised?


  1. I would have to say that every hat excites me and makes me happy! The writing, the editing, the submissions process, marketing - it is all a part of a journey. A journey that I am absolutely loving!

    You are so right, networking is fun! Obsessed with Twitter? How can that happen?? #notlookingyouintheeye Okay, okay, I guess I am a bit obsessed with it as well. :)

    Great post! Totally enjoyed it!

  2. Kristin - social networking is way fun!

  3. I totally want the hanging hat lamps--that's freakin' awesome!

    Right now I feel as though my bowler hat has a big hole punched threw it--juggling everything is just so hard. I do enjoy the social networking hat and I LOVE the creative process hat. The rejection hat, not so much. That hat's ugly.

    Thanks for the post. Seriously, I need to find those lights :)

  4. Anglea - I didn't ever catch that the hats in the picture were lights. That makes them way more cool. I've seen lights at Jamba Juice that are their blender pitchers. So cool! I want one of those.
    I'm not so much liking the revision hat right now. I like the creating the story hat best. Thanks for your comment. See you here again! *crossing fingers*