Friday, March 18, 2011

Put a "Spring" into Your Step!

Photo by my dad:
First flowers to come out
on the foothills near my parent's home.
So, I slept in today, which, on normal circumstances, would have resulted in me running around like a chicken with its head off. Thankfully, I’m off work today. Phew. I work at an institution of higher education. This week is Spring Break for the lucky students. As an employee, I get Friday off, of which is total awesomeness!

As I dragged myself out of bed, it donned on me that today is Friday! That means I get to write a blog post. I love posting for you guys. It makes me giddy. Well, anything can make me giddy. I’m easily entertained.

While I was talking to my dad this morning, I asked him what I should write about. My day off for Spring Break made him rant off this:

“Spring has sprung. The grass has ris. I wonder what this white stuff is.”

Uh, so it took me a second or two to get it. I’m slow on the uptake when it comes to jokes. It can make the joke funnier when two minutes later I start laughing wildly. 

Tangent. Anyway, I’ll get back to the point. What my dad said got me to thinking about spring and how I desperately need it to come. I need the sun. I need the flowers. I need to go outside without the need of a coat. I need to go on reading-walk-a-thons.

You heard me right! I go on what I have coined, “Reading-Walk-a-Thons.” It’s like a read-a-thon but you’re walking. Way to be a multi-tasking, huh? You just have to watch where you tread, and that’s not difficult at all. Yes, you’ll get people honking their horn at you, but all in all it’s rather fun. Just make sure you walk on a road that’s not highly trafficked.

Are you excited for the winter to fade into spring? What activities do you like to do during this season of the year? Are you going to try out a reading-walk-a-thon now that I’ve told you about it? Go on, I dare you.
Disclaimer: If you go on a reading-walk-a-thon and trip, you can’t get mad at me. I will take no responsibility for any accidents. Tehehe.      


  1. reading walk-a-thons sounds so much fun :) definitely going to give it a try!!

  2. Mauricio, I love it that you joined my bloggy friend. Try the reading-walk-a-thon. It is great. You can read your non-fiction and get a work out at the same time. Thanks for following and commenting on my blog.

  3. Where I live, there typically isn't much difference between Winter and Spring except an increase in temperature (which, for this Californian, isn't usually welcome).
    I DO look forward to not having to put on the heater in the apartment in the mornings. My son is in his "I don't want to wear clothing" phase and the high 60s are just a little too cold for that. ;)
    I also look forward to everything blooming since I love getting pictures of flowers. Having said that, what beautiful ones your father photographed! ♥

  4. Contessa - TY for complimenting my dad's photo. He has lots of great great great ones. If you ever want to purchase one of the many, send me an email at and I'll get you some info. Yah for marketing my pops and his great photography.
    I noticed that some flowers are blooming in the front yard. They're pretty. TY for the comment!