Friday, January 28, 2011

The Haps

What have I been up to lately?

• On Tuesday night, I did my first EVER book reading. I read the first chapter of my manuscript. I was so nervous, but it was well received. For some reason all the pics I put on here look crappy. I deal with the agonizing pain of grainy photos by going to the therapist once a week. :)
• I must get over my double spacing habit. I heard single spaced is standard, so I must stop my thumb from doing the habitual double tap. When I was in elementary school they told us to do double. They have ruined my life FOREVER. Darn the double. It’s gonna be tough. Wish me luck.
• Slowly I’m making a small dent in the Off the Shelf Reading Challenge. Almost finished with the second book on my list. I will write a review on my blog coming soon. For more information check out BA Reading Challenges: Off The Shelf Challenge
• With all my heart, I want to start writing my next book. It’s a YA Urban Fantasy. I desperately want to get to know my characters better by writing them into reality. I will wait though because I don’t think I can handle working on two projects at once.
• While my editors are working on my manuscript, I’m taking a sabbatical from writing. I need a break before I start another all-I-can-think-about-is-the-revision-of-my-manuscript-zippy-craziness. One of my editors, Robin, had this to say about my manuscript, “Finished your book. Very impressed! You are a great writer. My initial reactions are: inventive, unique, clever, interesting. I felt like I wanted to keep reading to find out more. Way to go girl! You make me proud. I think you could be successful with this.”
• Funny story: On Monday, my work did a model search for marketing materials. I joined in on the recruiting efforts. After a while, I saw this tall, desperately handsome guy with a baseball cap on. I nonchalantly stepped to his side and said, “You want to be a model, don’t you?”
He responded, “You think I’m cute, don’t you?”
Inching closer to his side, I admitted flirtatiously, “Yes, I do.”
“It won’t be the first time I’ve heard that,” he said, chuckling.
“I’m sure about that.” I was pretty much smitten by now. I figured out his name—a pretty boy, yet, still manly one syllable name. “You want to be a model though, right?” I proceeded to explain what he would be modeling for, and we would need to take a face shot of him too.
“But I didn’t do my hair today,” he dodged.
“You look just fine to me,” I said, wondering where this insane flirting was coming from.
“Alright, I’ll do it.” He shrugged. I walked him to the sign-in desk and I took his baseball cap off. His hair didn’t look that bad.
He had his pic taken and walked in my direction. Something inside me spewed these words out of my mouth before I could think about what I was saying. “I forgot to tell you there’s a pre-requisite for being a model for us.”
Somehow, I was standing within inches of him. He stared into my eyes and responded, “Really, what?” With a dazzling smile, he waited for my response.
“You have to go on a date with me.” I think I flushed because my heart was racing so fast. Was I sweating? Luckily, I put on perfume that morning. I thought I might die any minute for having been so blunt, but I was proud of myself.
“Sure,” he said. Really? He just said sure to me. My heart was about to force itself out of my chest and slither away from me like a snake.
I got his digits and he walked away. Wow, I did it. And I called him on Wednesday to ask him out. We will be doing something next week. Sometimes a little boldness goes a long way. Now everyone please applaud my brilliant methodical way of getting a date!
*Clap Clap Clap*
• Last night I played Pop Culture Trivia at one of my friend's pizza places. We ate pizza while the MC asked the trivia questions. My team won by a close . . . last. Yep, we lost. It was fun though.

Anyway, what has been filling your time lately? Have you read any good books? Any fun trips planned?


  1. Dude! You are so brave! I love it! You MUST tell us how this date with handsome model man goes. ;)

  2. Can't tell you how badly I want to read your book! Hurry up and get published, i'm dying here!

  3. Jenn - I will let you know how the date with handsome model man goes.
    Brittney - I'm trying dear friend. I hope it will pan out!