Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Surprise

At little background about Julia: I live with my parents, have for two and a half years. I'm 28--29 in four months from today. Yep, I'm mooching off my parents, but they love having me there.  I'm a live in maid--what more could you ask for?  The best part of living with my parents is it's free free free.
Anyway, I was at home alone last night editing/revising my WIP, and I heard the doorbell ring.  *Ding Dong*  Setting my lime green Dell laptop on the couch, I answered the door.  There were two young teenage girls at the door holding a plate of cupcakes.  Picture below:
The young girls said in super shy and quiet voices, "This is for Brother King (my dad) for his birthday."  Side note: The girls are from the church group that my parents attend, and I assume they do this once a month for all the "old folks" in the group. 
I was somewhat confused and hoped I hadn't forgotten it was my dad's birthday. "Oh, yeah his birthday is coming up," I said as the gears in my head caught up with me reminding me that his birthday was not today but in a couple weeks. 
As I took the cupcakes from the two young girls, I said, "Thank you."  And I closed the door, giggling at how adorable and nice they were to do that for him.  The funny part is I didn't think to tell them he wasn't even home.  They probably were confused and thought I was going to eat them myself, destroying the evidence in a huge bonfire in the backyard.  Nope, I didn't eat one of the chocolaty goodnesses.  Amazing, I resisted chocolate.  The world must be ending. 
Anyway, I chuckled at the cuteness of their gesture for at least an hour.  I texted my brother and sister and their spouses to tell them.  I even took a pic of the cupcakes to send them and for this blog post too.  
Isn't that the cutest thing ever?  
My dad saw the cupcakes when he got home and felt very special.  Thank you dear girls for thinking about my dadio.

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