Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Holiday Season

Autumn has somewhat of a bittersweet feel to it for me. I will miss the warmth of the previous season. However, I love autumn changing the color of the leaves and the crisp feel in the air. I love breaking out my fall and winter clothing; however, I do not like the decrease in the temperature. I tend to run cold, thus the cold weather doesn’t agree well with me. My teeth chatter. My knees shake. And I never can get just warm enough. Although, I enjoy sipping hot chocolate and wearing warm clothing, especially scarves. But the best part about the weather changing and autumn charging its way in is the holiday season draws near.
I constitute the holiday season as four holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. There really isn’t another time of the year that grants us so many entertaining holidays within a three-month period of time. I adore these holidays because they get people together for fun parties and gatherings. Friends join together to watch scary movies and trek through haunted corn mazes. Families gather together to eat delicious meals and enjoy each other’s company. Tricks are treated. Blessings are realized. Songs are sung. Trees are decorated. Service is offered. Gifts are given. A new year offers a regeneration of spirit. And love is shared.
With that said, what are your favorite parts of the holidays? Do you have a favorite holiday during this time of the year? You may even share a story that you can remember about a previous holiday season memory.
The holiday season is the best time of the year! I hope that you all enjoy 2010’s holiday season. With love, Julia!
PS: I can't say which holiday season holiday is my favorite, but it would be a toss up between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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  1. Of course, I love all holidays! And I know that like most people Christmas is probably my favorite (family, funl, food, festivities), but Halloween is a close second place. I love costumes, getting dressed up, and having silly parties. And who could forget the candy (I have been known to steal from my kiddies bags :)