Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unforgettable Scenes

I've been listening to Twilight on audio book again. No matter how many times I read (or listen) to this book, it feels like it's the first time I'm being pulled into the thick of its addictive story.

As I drove into my garage yesterday after work, I had to stay in the car until I finished the chapter, "Confessions." I admit, I was out there for about twenty minutes (with the car off of course. I don't want to die of exhaust exposure). Anyway, this is the part where Bella and Edward are in the meadow and express their feelings for each other. Just thinking of this part of the book brings a heaviness of angsty happiness into my heart. Seriously, they don't even kiss but the romance flooding through the words is unforgettable. Beautiful. Breath-taking. Ok, they do kiss by the end of the chapter... Dreamy!

Bar-none, there is no other scene in a book that has had the exact same effect on me. Ok, there are many others that are beyond swoon-worthy, but this one sticks out strong in my list of amazing-makes-my-heart-stop scenes.

It's sort of like my two famous people crushes--Bono and Lance Armstrong, they just stick. I adore them. All right, one day when I have a boyfriend/husband, he will definitely be in first place. Sorry, Irish hottie and cycling champion.

Are there any scenes in books that ring out as unforgettable for you? Do tell! Or maybe in a movie?

In movies, I'd have to say the kiss scene at the end of the mini-series of North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell)  is delicious indeed. Shown below!


  1. Gaaaaah... I haven't seen North and South! Heard a lot about it though *winks* ;) And yes, no dying of exhaust exposure ;)

    1. Well, Miss Morgan. You are still invited to Epic Love Story Night on Saturday at my place... We are watching North and South, sister. Now I *wink*. haha

    2. Hello Sister King,

      I have not read Twilight, but I have read many other books that had stopped my heart beat. I agree that well phrased words in a book can really just so easily flip the beats of your heart as it either lightly or with full strength touch the beating of your soul. I will make sure Twilight is one of those books I am going to read one of these days. The other day I was listening to Pride and Prejudice audio while I was doing my house chores, I got so engaged that I could not hear my kids. I guess that is terrible. I have always been fond of how magical a well written book can be. Glad you are doing well. Let's keep in contact. Oh I recommend to you the author,Robert Elegant. His books are amazing, try it some day :) Ann

    3. Ann -

      This is the first time you've commented on my blog! Glad to have you here. :) Oh, I miss being called Sister King. Been too long. Yet, I do enjoy being able to sleep in when I can. haha

      I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. Great book! Yep, there is something to a very well written book!

      I'll have to check out Robert Elegant.

      Muah! Love you, girl! Miss your kids and hubs. :)

    4. Haha...well you are always Sister King to us. We love you so much. Sleep is very important indeed. I feel as if I am sleep deprived :)

      Can't wait to read your book. So let me know heads up.

      Miss you and when you come this way, remember, my home is yours!


  2. My favorite part in Twilight was in the car - they changed it SO much for the movie. Sad.
    I also loved the blood-typing, which was NOT in the movie, lol.