Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Time

Today's post doesn't have to do with anything in particular. I'm just winging it. But, hey, sometimes a little winging is AOK. Occasionally, (well, more often that not) that's how my writing goes. Wahoo! I added something about writing. I'm cool!

*Does an I'm-a-cool-person dance*

Don't you wish you could've seen it. Well, you didn't miss much. I'm a terrible dancer. I assure you that.

So, something cute I want to share: It was my nephews birthday last week. We had a family celebration for the blessed event. While my cute-alicious little buddy opened his presents, my niece (his little sister of 19 mos) jibber-jabbered out "Happy Birthday to ..." The three dots represent his name (sorry, not telling the world his name). It was quite possible the cutest thing ever. :)

Here's something ridiculously expensive: There's this dress company called
Shabby Apple. For a few years now, I've wanted to buy one of their dresses. Last week, I gave in and bought not just one but two of their cute, yet semi-expensive dresses. Below are some pics. They have yet to arrive. I eagerly await in anticipation.

What else is there: I'm eating raisins as I type and am listening to a New Age mix on Pandora.

I guess that's about it for my randomness of a blog post. I'll be back here on Tuesday.

What are some random things going on in your neck of the woods?

Writing. Jewels.


  1. Cute dresses! I have one of their dresses and I love it. I could seriously buy pretty much anything and be happy with it there.

    1. I agree. Pretty in pink and it's always nice to have a black dress. I thought this through a lot. haha :)

  2. *does a cool person dance* <----LOL! I'm trying to decide if stating that you're doing a cool person dance makes you cool or not... hmmm... I'M KIDDING!!!!

    You make me laugh, Jules. I love the randomness. :D

    1. But I am a Utahn so that automatically makes me cool...dancing or not. Haha.

  3. In love with that second Shabby Apple dress! I'm sure both will look great on you.

  4. Oh, man! I am very, very (im)patiently waiting for hubby to finish law school and get a real grown up job again so I can buy a Shabby Apple dress! Jealous! :)

    Random in my world this week: My mom joined Twitter. My mom-free zone has been shattered.