Monday, September 27, 2010

The Multi-Tasking Reader

Over the past year, I have fallen in love with audio books. I think that they are divine. Before I became "audio books Julia", I listened to music and radio while in the car – driving to and from work, to the gym, running errands, going to hang out with friends, etc, etc, etc. I love music and thrive off of it. Listening to it super loud is been a favorite past time for me. Unhappily enough my car volume just doesn’t go up quite loud enough to fulfill my “loud-sing-like-a-crazy-person-seat-dancing-ways. Don’t get me wrong; on occasion I have slipped back into my loud music ways but on average audio books take up around 29 days of my month.

Last year, my sister started listening to audio books. She told me it was great. I thought, “That is interesting. I don’t know if I would like it.” I tossed the idea by the way-side without another thought. Some weeks later, I decided that I had to re-read the “Twilight Saga” in lieu of “New Moon” coming out in the theatre. I started reading “Twilight” but had so many other books that I craved to devour so I tossed around the idea of reading the “Twilight Saga” audio style. I finished them soon after and was drawn in, hopelessly addicted.

After taking the “Twilight” adventure, I listened to all of the Harry Potter books. Jim Dale narrated them flawlessly. Since then, I have probably listened to at least 30+ books, most of them I already read and own.

I like audio books for a few different reasons:

1. I can be reading a book and listening to a book in the same period of time. Such a time saver. This is called “The Multi-tasking Reader”. Hehe!
2. It makes my driving time much more enjoyable and beautifully educational. I will be an audio book mom for sure. My kids are going to love to read and hopefully this will aid in avoiding quarreling between children!
3. I can be driving down the road rolling in my seat laughing up a storm and sometimes with streams of tears spewing out of my eyes. I have almost had to pull over due to such moments.
4. Most narrators bring a fresh view to the books. It makes the books much more real and more lovable then they were when reading them just out of the book.
5. Last but not least, people must wonder what I am listening to in my car because, like music, I listen to the audio books really loud too. What can I say; I am all about the loudness of things!

A great audio book series to start out with is “Artemis Fowl”. Unfortunately, the narrator is changed at book 5, but seriously don’t let that ruin the adventure for you.

I still think that it is a must to read them the normal way, book in hand! I sure have not given up on the book-in-hand experience of enjoying a book, so you don't either!

So have I converted you to being a “Multi-tasking Reader” being able to read multiple books at the same time? Pray tell me!


  1. Love this post, makes me want to go out an get an audio book.

  2. Glad you love the post, Liz! I hope that you enjoy the world of audio books!