Friday, September 3, 2010

I like concerts

I was thinking last night of all of the concerts I have been to. I love music and I love concerts even more. They are completely fun. They allow me to step out of my shell to dance around to my hearts content. I want to make a list... This may not be exhaustive but I think that it will be fun to try to remember them all.

Sting (twice)
Tori Amos (twice)
INXS (with Michael Hutchense)
Kays Choice
The Verve
Depeche Mode (twice)
U2 (three times - four next year. They are my FAVORITE)
David Bowie
Blue Man Group
Busta Rhymes (not by choice)
Rage Against the Machine (there again, not by choice. They opened for U2)
Sarah McLachlan (Lilith Fair - can't remember who all performed)
Sarah Brightman (Totally Awesome)
Pet Shop Boys
Imogen Heap

There are lots of concerts that I wish I could have gone to like U2's ZooTV tour. I was a bit too young at that time and not a die hard fan then. It would have been awesome though. Funny thing is that I have seen Bono's home in Ireland and took dirt from his front yard. Yes, that obsessed but not stalker obsessed. Maybe that will get back to him and he will want to meet me just because I am strange enough to take dirt from his front yard.

If you haven't been to a concert, GO! They are fun!

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