Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on My Book

I am still in the editing process. Have about 110 pages left to edit but I know that a few important and crucial elements to the story need to be added so it will be more than 110 pages to edit. Anyway, I have set another goal to finish my edit by August 14, 2010. Then my dad gets to be the first person to read and edit it. Yikes, this is scary that it is almost to the point that I am letting others read it and edit it. This has been such a huge part of almost eight months of my life and I am about to release it to the public (well my dad). Scary but exciting!

Another important item to discuss, I am going to two community education classes tonight.

#1: How to write you first novel
#2: How to publish your first novel

I have high hopes that these classes will aid me in my writing and publishing process.

Wish me luck!


  1. That is so great that you got that far!!! Most people never have the will power to let others read it!
    I definitely wish you luck!

  2. The community ed classes I attended last night were fabulous. I learned so much that I hope will aid me in the publishing and marketing process. Big job ahead of me but I feel like it will get easier with every step. I am so excited to get the book out and in the public. Everyone, please get the word around that the book will be on its way soon. Date to be revealed once I even have an idea of what the date is. I am tossing aroung the idea of self-publishing. Any opinions???