Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lots of great ideas

Ever since my Community Ed courses, thousands (well, over stated) of marketing ideas have been flooding through my head for getting my book out there. I am gung ho about this so wish me luck. My motivation to get my book out there and known is far beyond huge. It excites me just thinking about it. In the course, the teacher said, "The only person who can sell your book is you." I love that and truly know that it is true. I did not think back in December when I began writing the book that I would have to become a business woman in marketing my book. It is a little daunting thinking about doing this but with all of my faith and love of "Felicite Comes" I know that I am going to do a great job marketing. I am officially an author and that is awesome. Just a year ago, I would never have thought that would be the case. Just a year ago from right now, I was in Paris just having fun. I did not even think that my time spent there was giving me the ideas for a book. I love how life brings experiences that turn into opportunities. The best thing is, is that I know that God really has his hand in this cause of mine. That makes the road seem a lot easier.
Now just if I could get back to Paris, that would be great!
Anyway, editing is still going, going, going. I decided that I would do one more edit before I let it escape to some great people who have agreed to edit it. Just a little polishing.
My expected date to be published is late this year, early next. More news to come as I decide more.

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