Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Are Authors the New Rock Stars?

I don't know how middle and high schoolers are now, but books weren't the high topic at the lunch table back then for me, and I don't remember hearing much discussion from my peers. My crowd enjoyed music, like a ton! I'll admit it, when I read, it was for class; it wasn't for fun.
Sadly enough, I didn't really start loving words until I read the Harry Potter series and then came the Twilight Saga. That's when my book collection started and I haven't stopped devouring words since.
Was literature discussed as much before Harry Potter? I assume so; however, it seems like reading is the talk of the town now, and in all age ranges, to boot.
Many movies these days are brought to a theater near you because of books. Goodreads floods the internet with countless reviews to tempt our reading fancy. E-books are available at the click of the mouse.  
Has reading taken over the world on a higher scale than it was ten or fifteen years ago? If so, great! If not, no worries!
Are authors the new rock stars? I'd agree with that statement. 
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  1. That would be a good thing if it has!
    Cool, always wanted to be a rock star...

  2. There's no doubt a couple of well received series can really help make readers out of people who previously weren't. Did that make sense? Sorry, I have a head cold. Anyway, yes, Some authors are like rock stars. With any luck we all will be, too, someday.

  3. Writers as Rock Stars? Hmmmm. Well, J. K. Rowling made a million on the Harry Potter series — which is good for an author, but a bit low for a rock star.

    And while a lot of people know about Harry, I don't know how that relates to Bruce Springsteen's following.

    Still, a good question to consider!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. I sure hope so! And I think authors are. Definitely!