Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lesson in Bravery

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Now to the meat of the post...

I can be quite the sassy little brave-ster sometimes. Yeah, it takes some (ok, a lot of) mental coercion and talking myself into it, but it happens. 
My most recent act of bravery was this:
There's this guy I've been interested in for some months now. Oh, man, I have been smitten. Finally, after many a nice conversation, I was bold and asked this man of super hotness and intense intellect out. He accepted. We had a fun time. Is this relationship going to go any farther than the driveway? I think not, unfortunately. But, dear friends, I put myself out there and tried for something I wanted.
This is how I've felt about writing.
  • First, I had an idea for a book.
  • I started type, type, typing.
  • I finished said book and started revising and editing. A lot. And a lot more with tons of peoples' critiques.
  • I queried book.
  • After countless rejections, I received that blessed agent call with the "yes".
  • I parted ways with agent, but that's ok! :)
  • I self-published the book instead.
  • I'm happy.
Things may go a different path than you think, but you will never know what will happen unless if you try.
So TRY! Be brave! Start writing your story. Send out that query letter. And conquer this world!
Tell me your acts of bravery. 
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  1. We only fail if we fail to try.
    Brave act? I asked my wife to marry me. Fortunately that worked out...

    1. I'm glad you were brave and got your wife in the process. Way to be!

  2. Good for you for putting yourself out there like that! When I was single I always respected girls who had the guts to ask a guy out.
    Bravest act I ever performed? There are probably quite a few by now, but taking the plunge into full-time writing was brave considering I had no idea where it would lead.

    1. Well, I hope the guy I asked out respects me highly. :D

      I think your act of bravery is beyond amazing. I don't think I could do it. Good job!

  3. After my crap, I fear very little. Way to be, just do it. Never as bad as we make it out to be thinking it over and over for hours then done in 5 seconds.

  4. Taking the plunge is always better than wondering what if. You can be proud of what you've achieved with your writing!

    1. Those ifs suck so it is best just to jump into something. And thanks for your vote of confidence in my writing career. Nick, you are awesome. :D

  5. Great that you have the courage to take risk! Without that, you wouldn't b a published author. But, sadly, you don't win them all.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  6. To quote one of my fave authors: "We are often more afraid than we wish, but can always be braver than we expect." :)

  7. It's always good to have courage. My act of bravery would just be asking people to hang out with me.