Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sherlock and the Funny Text

I had a little get together with some friends to watch the pilot episode of BBC's Sherlock last week. Two words: Benedict Cumberbatch.

¬ Swoon

He pretty much stole the show (Star Trek, I mean).

¬ Did I swoon already? Well, I swoon again. :)

I invited a friend of mine to attend the gush all over Benedict party via a text message. Sadly, she already had plans. She asked me to say hello to Mr. Sherlock, though. I abliged but said I had dibs on him. Her witty response was:

"Darn it on Sherlock! I am always a touch to slow."

I which I responded, while giggling up a storm at work:

"He'll probably dump me before the night is over. He's just to focused on other things. It gets annoying that I never have his full attention. And I often feel as though he is scrutinizing my every move and can see each and every whitehead on my face. Plus, he is always comparing me to some chick named Irene. And that Watson guy is always hanging about, so Sherlock and I never have a chance to get in a good makeout session. Let's not even talk about Mrs. Hudson always bringing him tea. She's totally enabling him. It was a hopeless relationship from the beginning, I suppose."

Her fast response was: "Men!"

Well, I hope you enjoyed my silliness on this wonderful Wednesday!

Have you watched Sherlock? Do you like it? What do you think of Benedict Cumberbatch (what a name, huh)? He is handsome in a quirky way, I think. What is your opinion of his performance in Star Trek? Do you think he stole the show?

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  1. haha wow I hope you are a fast texter, or that would take forever. The BBC Sherlock show is great, watched them all. Him though, no swooning from me haha

  2. I didn't see it, but I know a friend of mine was really looking forward to it. Glad to hear it's good!

  3. Okay, I continue to hear about this show! I'm going to have to check it out.

  4. I haven't seen it yet, but so many people have told me it's fantastic!

  5. Oh, gosh! I LOVE Sherlock! I cannot wait for the fourth season. It's the only show I will stop writing for!

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