Thursday, June 2, 2011

Writer's Crash

For the last week or so I've been editing. Outside of work, it was really the only thing I spent my time doing other than sleep--I love my sleep. My zone consisted of my laptop, iPod, some treats, water, and me. All else pretty much fell to the back burner. Social life--what's that? Seriously. 

As you read on my last post, I finished an edit. Clearly that made me way happy. The moment I finished, I felt like my life was pointless, I felt empty, and a sense of doom seeped into my skin. Uh, that ended the very next day. I started beta-reading for fellow tweep. Fun experience, for sure. 

Yesterday, though, as I drove home from work, my body fought me, saying, "You need a break, girl!" Pulling off to my local grocery store, I hit up the Redbox, rented "The Tourist" (been wanting to see that since it came out), and went home. Laying down on the couch with comfy pj's and my favorite blanket, I watched the movie without feeling that much guilt. I crashed. Nope, did nothing to do with writing. 

Ok, I lie, after the movie ended, it was way too early to go to bed, so I dipped back into reading Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. After about 50 pages and not wanting to stop reading, I went to bed. 

After such a whirlwind editing/revising week, I thought I deserved a break from the happy craziness of writing. 

How about you? Do you give yourself a wee break after a maddening writing binge? Do you crawl up in a ball and watch a movie, or go shopping? Or am I totally alone on this needing a short break? Please, tell me I'm not. haha


  1. I get ideas for writing when I do something unrelated. It's a good idea to let your story sit for a little bit while you relax because then you'll come back at it with a fresher perspective and new ideas.

  2. I always try to take a break after finishing something, be it draft 1, a revision, etcetera. Try being the operative word. I was supposed to be on break right now after having finished a manuscript and waiting for beta feedback on another. But the muse decided otherwise and I'm world-building for the second time in my life.

  3. Breaks are necessary. Cleanse the palate. I read obsessively during writing breaks (I'd read obsessively during writing binges, too, but then my writing binges don't happen.)

    So excited to read your book!!!

  4. Robin - Had to take a break last night. I'm gonna dive back into beta'ing your book tonight. Hope you enjoy my book!

    Thanks all for commenting so far.

    BTW - this is Julia (Writing Jewels) Still can't post under my own name. Gah, it's gonna drive me bonkers. If anyone know how to fix it, please let me know. :D

  5. So strange, but I haven't been having this problem. Have you tried signing in at the top right corner before you comment? No idea why I should be so special. :)

  6. Hey y'all. Just checking if I can comment now under my name. haha

  7. Trying it one more time. Wish I knew a really good joke to share with this. haha

  8. Breaks are a great way to re-energize and pick up ideas from doing something other than writing. It's a good way to also think of the next big thing to work on!