Friday, August 6, 2010

Interesting Little Tidbit about Paris

A little background to today's post... The past two days, I went hiking in Southern Utah with some friends. I realized with the time driving there and spent enjoying nature that I really think about my book a lot. I ponder how I can make it better and, of course, how I can promote it. Any who, with that said, during the hiking adventure, me and a friend talked about Paris. The setting of "Felicite Comes" (my novel). Hehe! Recently, she spent some time in the "City of Love" or you could say the "City of Lights". Emphasis added. She expressed how much she enjoyed going to the catacombs. I did not know that Paris had catacombs. I went there last year and was completely ignorant of the elaborate system of catacombs that lay beneath my feet. I should probably say far beneath my feet. It intrigued me enough that when I arrived home, I decided to do some Internet research about the said catacombs. Of course, I got cleaned up and took notice to the sunburn that accompanied me home and sighed because the sun always gets the better of me. Enough with the tangents, Julia! Hmm, where was I? Oh, yes, it is simply amazing that underneath that city, millions of bones are deposited and, most excitingly, they are on display.
It takes me back to my trip to Rome, Italy last year. I went on a tour of some of the catacombs there. With the tour, they said that most if not all of the bones or remains have been relocated or else many hundreds of years ago were unfortunately robbed. With the catacombs in Paris, the bones are still there. They are even used for elaborate designs on the walls. I am going to post some links for you to feast your eyes on. That sounds sort of gross, doesn't it? Well, at any rate, on my trip that I am planning to take next year to Paris for research, I am most certainly going to take an afternoon off to enjoy the underground world of Paris, the catacombs.

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